Death Bunnies….


Noblegarden looks skeleton bunnya little bit different from a Horde’s perspective. It slipped my mind — most of the holiday events don’t blip on my radar because I’m done with What a Strange Trip. So unless there’s a new pet, /shrug. But today I had time to visit Escarlata — from a writer’s point of view, she’s a tricky one. I can’t quite draw a bead on her: she speaks to me and tells me I made a mistake making her a warlock on almost a daily basis. And yes, her minions and imps adore her:




In any case, she’s bopping around Brill, and someone twangs her tailbone with ears:

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 3.20.40 PM

So much I need to learn about the Forsaken. Something tells me Lady S. has not been letting moss grow under her feet. 

If you need bunny ears, we have a plethora of lovelies – Forsaken, Tauren, Dwarfs, Draenei – whatever you need. And though I ain’t no Holla Back Girl, just say the word.


6 thoughts on “Death Bunnies….”

    1. They seem to suit her. It does strike me this is the height of incongruence – fertility rites and forsaken. Oh well. This is our home away from home…

    1. I don’t why they basically put holidays on auto-pilot – they are one of my favorites in the game – how hard would it be? /sigh

      And thank you – she’s a work in progress.

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