Rare beauties…

Heartichoke, Guild Mistress of Wigs & Pens, Whisperwind/Dentarg









The next 48 hours should be interesting. Not going to say more–just “interesting.” Know all of those outhouses in Azeroth? They need to put WiFi in them.

Damn, I said more. Moving on people, nothing to see here.

So, been having a pretty good time lately. Used some more gifts to change…*gasp* Heartichoke the Gnome to Heartichoke the Goblin. Now now, before you get after me and remind me I said never, the thing is…and don’t hate….but I need a Horde 90, and Kellanyx the Blood Elf was too…

(cuidado chica)

…pretty for me. Wait, that’s not quite right. Blood Elves are beautiful. But that bored tilt of the head just got to me, her never-ending ennui, her body language kept telling me, “Something smells bad,” and after awhile I keep feeling like I was in a hostile work environment, because that bad smell was me. Sorry chica, I am not good enough for you. Now many of the Blood Elf female animations are so enchanting–the way they jump, and cast spells: it was like watching my own little Tinkerbell. Truly lovely. So perhaps Death Knight was not the best class for a Blood Elf female –perhaps a priest or mage would be a better choice.









So Heartichoke began a journey to start her own guild – Wigs and Pens, of course. There was no other option. She put out the call to her trusty Battle.tag friends and got immediate responses – thanks to one and all who signed her guild charter as she loitered in the Orc starting zone. Dragonray came to the rescue once again with her mage and ported her to the Vale, including stepping out of an LFR queue – now that IS amazing. So thank you to one and all for coming to my assistance: anyone who wants to start a Horde on Whisperwind/Dentarg is welcome. We are a Level 1 Guild with two tabs and 100 gold, no repairs, no fat stacks, no rep, no achievements, nothing. But damn, that goblin can dance! So got that going for us.

More miscellaneous:

Haanta looked over her Timeless Champion log, and realized she was pretty damn close to wrapping that pig up, in a manner of speaking. The big fire guys get her every time, but the rest will require patience and cunning (two things her human is in short supply of):

Rattleskew – thought this might be a big snake, but turns out it’s a pirate dude

Chelon – thought this might be a French singer, but turns out it’s a big turtle dude

This is also Chelon…

Stinkbraid – couldn’t believe I hadn’t gotten him yet, but he’s been taken out by Haanta.

Stinkbraid, in my humble opinion, has one of the best NPC names in the game.

Urdur the Cauterizer – fire guy who hurts

Flintlord Gairan– another fire guy who hurts – may need to partner up with some folks.

There are other things going on, but I won’t bore you with the minutiae. Well, I don’t make any promises. Minutiae may be the theme of today.

11 thoughts on “Rare beauties…”

    1. HAHAHA it’s okay – it was Easter after all, and I reminisced about the Easters past when I did all the good mom things — but this year we got take-out Mexican good (kind of a last blow out of feasting before…never mind. And very poor choice of words). Those of us in the Matty-shack are in those ‘in between years” – too young for grandchildren and too old for Easter bunnies.

      1. You know when I saw the name, I guess because you said you wanted to do it, I actually read it that way and thought, OMG, Blizzard let her use that name! For a moment it was magic, lol.

  1. It’s my humble (and probably unpopular) opinion that blood elf females just don’t belong in plate. The animations aren’t quite right and their weapons are far too dainty. I’ve tried… and I just can’t seem to do it. Now in leather and as casters they are incredibly lovely and right. Female blood elves may have the best rogue stealth animation ever…, but I just can’t do plate.
    I love the guild name… and I’m seriously considering having you invite the oft re-rolled and very indecisive Tchulin into the guild. Perhaps there, among friends, he’ll finally stick 😀

    1. I think you’re spot on – it’s the leather and cloth wearers I need to follow. Thank you so much for helping me yesterday – and please bring as many as you would like. It’s really your guild, too!

  2. I agree with the general consensus – Belf ladies are not made to wear plate. I also think that they have the best stealthing animations, I’m pretty much in love with the resting one, and my old belf rogue (before I went on my deleting spree last year) was the only character on which I kept the cloak visible.

    I think I might grace Wigs & Pens with a lovely belf rogue lady when I get my subscription going again. 🙂

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