OLRG: Erinaceous Edition, You Winklepicker

baby hedgehog
I am nowhere near as cute.

For the next week, any sort of technological device is banned at my work: this includes using my laptop, Kindle, i-phone, etc. Don’t ask. In anticipation of this event, I decided to ride that wave and freely surf the ‘net. I came across this great word, ‘erinaceous,’ which means pertaining to or resembling a hedgehog. Now, in Neo’s guild, some of his guildies reported he has a hedgehog; he probably doesn’t know that we too, had hedgehogs at the Matty-shack back in the day, but those are stories for another time. Let’s just say I hope his hedgehog has a happier ending than poor Juju. Nothing like an eating disorder for a soricidae to upset things. In any case, I want to apologize to Navi: I whispered something so prickly and annoyed I think it shocked her. I do have a grumpy side, Navi, and I’m sorry you saw it this morning. Between a meeting with my boss that was oddly bonding and greatly discouraging, to just general over-excitedness, my mood was less than cheerful. I was behaving in an erinaceous manner. A pooping pincushion. And even now, in an LFR, the tank did a ready check after a wipe, I ran back, he started the fight though I clicked not read, and now I’m outside the gates. Oh well oh well.

But – hey, I’ve got my Old Ladies to cheer me up! Gosh, every time we do one of these, I see more bodacious gear for my bevvy of beauties, but then of course I forget to make shopping lists. So if it’s all the same to you, you all tell me what you want, where, and when, and I’ll be there Saturday. I really like doing a Horde show, and Alliance thing. Maybe I’ll make my list later, when I’m not feeling like such a prick.


Editor’s Note: Neo is NOT the one with the hedgehog. He has a reasonable Lab.

6 thoughts on “OLRG: Erinaceous Edition, You Winklepicker”

  1. Oh I wasn’t shocked exactly – but it kind of reminded me of shooting darts at a rainbow care bear. I know that sometimes the overwhelming optism when you’re feeling erinaceous can make you feel like stabbing someone in the eye… but hey, we have bad days 🙂 you have heard me on my bad days… and yet you’re still there for me. It will be the same for you!

  2. I love how obscure or even made-up or mushed-together words can sound really insulting when said with maximum scorn, derision and/or contempt. Just try calling someone a ‘winklepicker’ like that and watch them bristle! 😀

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