RTMT: Disturbing Trends

Even the panda's not fooled...
Even the panda’s not fooled…


First the Bear, and now Mr. and Mrs. – a few folks are leaving Azeroth planning to return when the we’re back to the future, and now I’m left with the feeling of, “Is there something wrong with me?”  (Hush, yes, yes, I know, there is, but let’s keep it in context of Azeroth, and not the rest of my crazy.) I don’t want to stop playing, and I’m still enchanted by Azeroth? I never did really catch on with the panda bears – I started a Pandaren a few times, and just couldn’t get my furry on. Blizzard probably feels that they gave the furries a feast of fetishism (please do not click if you don’t want to be enlightened by Urban Dictionary), (Mr. Snerguls here: this is taking a dark turn on an otherwise lovely spring morning. Listen sista, keep this odd information to yourself, okay? Capiche?) 

But I’m right.

No pandas.

I can’t even play a Worgen. The most anthropomorphic success I’ve had, with abundance, is playing Draenei: horns and a tail are cute, and remind me of one of my favorite novels, Geek Love by Katherine Dunn. The tail anyway, not the albino dwarf protagonist. Well, maybe. Anyway.

The thing is I am still hooked. Breige started a few characters, as did Dahahka, for the Drunken Fish, and has a friendly (for Breige can’t be anything but friendly and sweet) competition going with Señor for weekly guild achievement scores. I had no idea this was going on until yesterday, when she pointed out his warlock took over first place, but she quickly remedied that with her rogue. I looked over some easy guild achievements to keep us pushing foward (we stand at 80% to level 20), and for Classy Draenei we need a Death Knight and Warrior. Don’t faint – yes, I know – you must be shocked that I didn’t have a Draenei in every flavor – but I do have the Blood Elf DK turned Draenei DK Kellanyx, and I started a fresh warrior named Koanni, though I have a level 30-something warrior.

Yes, I wanted to go back to Azuremyst.

It still gets me.

Home away from home...
Home away from home…


Every time.

Koanni’s character is very different from other Draenei: she is true to her warrior nature, and makes no apologies for defending herself and her home. She’s in her early stages of training, and easily downs striders, moonstags, and naga. Her hubris may be her downfall.

Few tidbits: Congratulations to Syrco and the rest who won Dragonray’s Transmog Contest, (oh my dear sweet baby murlocs there are some amazing ensembles)! And check out Erinys’ photographs of the real world which are as enchanting as any fantasy. Please wish Cymre a very happy real life birthday, too! Her blog is a gift for us all. We are blessed with beautiful worlds, and need to celebrate every chance we get.

Postscript: something to watch while we wait:

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/71502546″>PETER PAN</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user842961″>nikloz001</a&gt; on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


11 thoughts on “RTMT: Disturbing Trends”

  1. What! There’s a competition going? I need to nudge that Worgen Warlock out of the stupor caused by getting out of her starting zone, lol.

    Yeah, I have never unsubbed even when playing other games. I feel disloyal if I don’t at least login once in a while to check on my characters. I know, not very sensible but there it is. I’m here for the atmosphere.

    1. Apparently – I had no idea. This is how un-competitive I am. However, this did spark an idea for fun and prizes – my fourth year of playing is coming up May 1, so I may need to do something to mark the occasion.

      I am not sure what is wrong with me THIS morning – I am actually really annoyed I can’t log in, and that disturbs me. I must have really needed a shot of Azeroth this morning along with my coffee, and the denial is vexing me. Not like I don’t have other things to do, like play the Bill Paying Game or Check Email Quest. Oh well. In anycase, stay tuned tomorrow for play-aversary and OLRG information.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes lovely lady. Cool and I are in the process of levelling two goblins for our Classy achievement. It’s a slow process…

    1. It is, but it’s fun. I almost (almost) want to take off the heirlooms to enjoy the zone the old-fashioned way (but let’s not get crazy).

      1. I found with Borealae that even without heirlooms you outlevel Bloodmyst Isle reeeeally quickly if you’ve done all the Azuremyst quests. It’s a shame. Or maybe not, Bloodmyst isn’t nearly as beautiful as Azuremyst .

        I will try to be back, but money is really tight and I have a buttload of schoolwork to catch up on so it’s for the best that I don’t have Azerothian distractions until I can get that under control.

        I just wish that Blizz would cave and dissolve the Horde and Alliance altogether – make each race their own faction, with some having greater ties to others (Dwarves/Gnomes, Humans/Worgen, Tauren/Orc, etc) but each being essentially independent. I’d love to be a Draenei without the ickyness of being Alliance too. 😛

      2. OMG, no heirlooms. Yeah, I’m not that crazy either. As soon as we could queue for dungeons we were pretty much done with questing. At least for now.

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