“And proud we are of all of them”

LIttle Lebowski Urban Achievers
LIttle Lebowski Urban Achievers

Last night a good friend pointed my nose in this direction:

Sweeeet baby murloc, dude! The biggest achievement is your name! No, no, not Jeff Lebowski, but a name by which I have no proper characters – my apologies for my limited skills.

x achieve 1

This player has every achievement point. He won Azeroth. Stratholme? No, now it’s known as Xnpkyo. Dalaran? Ditto. This of course led me to think, with my anemic 13,500 points, are there any  “hidden” achievement points we should add to the list?

Achievements for most posts written before 6:30 AM? Achievement for best friends, secret keeping, blade sharpening, jumping and subsequent missing of tubes in the Siegecrafter fight and making a friend laugh? Best jokes? Best mistype? Come on, folks – what say you? What achievements should be available? Going to put more thought into this today while I’m still sans technology. Off to achieve greatness, once again!

m achieve 1


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