OLRG: Birthday Party Edition


May 1 is the yearly anniversary of when i started playing WoW. Fruits and flowers are the traditional four-year anniversary wedding gifts, but this isn’t a wedding, unless you consider my ball-and-chain is named Azeroth.

So this Saturday I want the OLRG to be a party, complete with party favors and the like.

Let’s start a little early and get that nuisance kitty staff out of the way in Firelands, say around 3-ish. Then let’s move on to Dragonsoul because why the hell not? Let’s do that Horde…want to try it? Sure you do. Then, maybe switch back to Alliance for some last minute goofiness for the Ashes mount.

Azeroth has given me many things, but mostly you. Yes, you. You, not so much, but definitely you.

See you Saturday!

Oh, and what am I most proud of for Mataoka? In four years, not a single face palm. She really does love you.

NO face palms


4 thoughts on “OLRG: Birthday Party Edition”

    1. Thanks Kam! I meant to be much more intentional and “list-y” for tomorrow, but can’t quite get it together. Shaking things up is always fun!

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