A Voidwalker’s Tale (kind of)

Az photobombs with style...
Az photobombs with style…

Get it? Avoid…walker? Well, happy news! Got a little cash flow happening, so new tires for CD Rogue’s car (which are bald, like his receding hair-line), and a laptop for me! I ostensibly purchased for my upcoming writer’s workshop class  (it’s legit! I swear!!!) but when I told Turk he said, correctly, ‘Yeah, right…for “writing”…” Well, it is! Prior I had no mobile way of doing any kind of writing, but sure, side benefit is being able to play WoW better, faster, and less bad. Because I’m bad. Baddy bad bad bad. The last time I was allowed to go with the old guild on a 25-man I brought Kellda: high IL, cloak, big boom warlock. And I was almost dead last in DPS. My framerate has been consistently in 25-mans incredibly low, and the lag, for murloc’s sake, THE LAG. (Thank you, Ironyca.)

So, fingers and void tendrils crossed, when I am able to clean up my desk and get things up and running (which I’m not sure will be in time for OLRG today at 3) I really hope my new motor revs up play a bit. (But I still don’t like 25-mans. And no one cares what I think.)

But new equipment doesn’t solve every gamer’s issue. Case in point:

Escarlata in Living Form, with Voidwalker….
Escarlata in Living Form, with Voidwalker….

Navi: An apology. If you get an angry letter from a Forsaken priest about Escarlata, just know it wasn’t her fault! I was trying out my new laptop, just goofing around in one of those 50-ish level dungeons, and I had, confession, had a shot of Lunazul tequila. Or two. Maybe three. With a lemon wedge! Don’t want to get scurvy! Hey, it WAS Friday night, and tequila makes me happy. Some women disguise their tequila in the form of margaritas, but I dispense with all the window-dressing and go right to the heart of the matter. Anyway, goofing around, and see this miniscule whisper of Recount, and of course, Escarlata is dead last. Now, I’m not sure why this Recount was shown, because Escarlata and the tank were still alive, very nicely too, but gee, the priest wasn’t. Maybe the priest got mad because they felt they were doing all the heavy lifting and died, while Escarlata killed the bosses (with the tank and her imp) and walked away without a scratch, because then the priest said something like, “Esc, you should read more about your rotation and spell and learn how to be a warlock.” I wanted to say, “Madame, (for surely this was a female player: no self-respecting MALE player would be so school marmish, right?) [casual sexism: 1, Mr. Snergul’s catching editorial faux pas: 0]

…Madame, surely you know I do not give two shits and have tequila glasses on and CHEERS! Hey, I’m on an Oceanic server and there is a good chance this person is from Australia, thereby if I’m playing by CD Rogue’s rules of drinking, every time I hear an Aussie accent a shot must be drank…drunk? Drinked? No. Anyway – I just said…

“This is my fifth warlock, and I’m watching TV. Sorry.”

The fact that Miss Persnickity Priest-i-pants did not have me kicked is shocking. Perhaps she did, and it failed.

Want to know what I was watching? Celebrity Ghost Stories, naturally.  What else would a Forsaken warlock watch with her Voidwalker?

Speaking of which, I really hope we can go to Blizzcon again. This time, I’ll plan my Kellda gown early, and maybe this year I’ll talk CD Rogue into playing my trusty Voidwalker. I’m sure we have non-toxic blue paint around here somewhere.

Postscript: Apologies to the Drunken Fish: I did not get a screenshot of when we hit Level 20 because at the exact moment, CD Rogue came home and taunted my attention away from the screen. Damn Voidwalkers.

6 thoughts on “A Voidwalker’s Tale (kind of)”

    1. Hey, it was the truth. I know my warlock stuff, and was watching TV. Hope they got their panties out of the bunch they twisted themselves into! 🙂

  1. A new computer is always a thing of great beauty, tires on the other hand are one of those things I hate to spend money on but must. They just aren’t any fun.

    But … but … Warlocks do drink tequila, you were totally in character!

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