OLRG: Burnt Cookies Edition

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Yesterday’s OLRG was by far, one of the worst ones yet in terms of loot, with one exception – the sparkly star dagger dropped in Ulduar, and Helke ended up with it in a circuitous manner because JD came along (yay!) and can’t go on Vent (sad face) and we didn’t think to restate the loot rules about not being able to need on something in old content that is not your spec, and greed only. Hell, maybe I should just be master looter and let people roll for things. Most of the time it works out — just need on whatever you want for mogging, or state what you want specifically ahead of time. Yup, so far, no mogging loot drama in all of our OLRG runs.

But that doesn’t mean the potential isn’t there.

Tonight poor Cub wanted me to make him some cookies – he never asks anything of me really (oh sweet second sons — so wonderful) and since I had some Cougar Mountain chocolate chip cookie dough, he pre-reheated the oven, and only when CD Rogue came down to scrounge up some dinner and asked why the oven was on did I remember…so I put the cookies on the baking sheet, and he took out some left over pizza, and my bright idea was to heat them both – the pizza would be ready before the cookies, so set the timer to 10 minutes. You can probably guessed what happened. I forgot to set the timer for another 3-5 minutes, and  sure enough the cookies turned out very dark…my dad would say not burnt, but “flame kissed.” CD Rogue told me this is how his grandmother baked cookies all the time, on purpose. Grandma Mimi was a lot of things, but a baker she was not. So now my domestic skills rank with Grandma Mimi. This– this is not good.

Not good at all.

So yesterday there were a few personality hiccups too. Nothing major. I’m not sure the culture of the OLRG is for everyone. At least, not a normal player. (Remember: I am the woman who repeats a radio interviewee of a Scottish accent in her car–normal isn’t happening on my watch.) I can’t explain what or who we are quickly to the casual invite. I can’t explain without going into a lengthy discussion why I have some boundaries. Sometimes, I just want things the way I want them. I’m too old and way too damn cranky to have to explain myself. Is this why women of a ‘certain age ‘ long to be elderly? To let any pretense of giving a shit fall away? To burn those damn cookies because that’s the way they like them, and the grand children can go pound sand? (What the hell does that mean anyway, ‘pound sand?’ Note to self: look up that colloquialism.)

Okay – I shouldn’t write these posts on Sunday nights cause I get the Sunday-night blues. I’m not ready for a meeting with my boss tomorrow not because I haven’t been banging my head against the keyboard trying to deliver on an impossible request. I’ll figure it out. Much more fun to help Señor fill in the final few bubbles on his warlock with Buyongxie, and we had a blast. Level 90, Timeless Awesomesauce, kicking ass and taking names. We haven’t had a chance to hang around Azeroth together lately, and it was grand fun.

This is a picture of his warlock:

viking man








Just kidding. It just cheered me up.

Anyway, just looking at all the “go get yer mount” achievements, from here on out going to be a bit more intentional about our OLRG runs. But remember: there is nothing to screw up. No mistakes are ever made. And everyone is awesome. We are the Old Ladies Raiding Guild, and we kick ass.

10 thoughts on “OLRG: Burnt Cookies Edition”

  1. I can’t express how much I love the attitude of our Old Ladies runs. It’s relaxing to me. I don’t stress, I just have fun. Sure some things may take us a few tries to hammer out (mostly achieves I think) but I have complete faith that eventually we’ll get whatever it is.
    I feel the same way about mog loot. If I didn’t win the roll this time, well I’ll probably get lucky some other time. Mostly I’m just having a grand old time.

    1. That’s all I want to hear –we’re all adults, we’re all smart, and have clear understanding it’s a game. Some of the language of the mechanics is so bizarre it’s like putting together Ikea furniture. On fire. Onward!

    1. Saturdays, US Pacific Time, starting around 3PM, then 4…that’s pretty early on a Sunday morning for ya’ll. There were no achieves this time, but that’s cool. We’ll get ’em.

  2. The attitude topic… I maybe one of the players there who said something i shouldn’t said what i said.. i apologized if that ticked someone. I understand if for some people thats a very sensitive topic to even broadcast it. I understand we all are “old” and “mature” but maybe i need a heads up before running with OLRG… I dont know if there are rules etc. Maybe its better if someone can officially put that out there “the rules” i just thought what i said was just common that i was just having fun… But for whatever it was… I apologized. Im stupid i guess… And sorry for inviting someone that are not a blogger… I will not invite someone anymore… If i do run with OLRG again ill just keep quiet… I apologized again matty… And also i may not be able to run it every sat anyway bec of my work schedule… But if im available ill still run.. But i will let you know ahead of time. Sorry again… Me and my friend apologized all he did was just try to help out but i guess that turned out to that he was annoying bec he wasnt in vent too. Anyway, its still nice to run with you guys… Congrats on achievements… I am not as smart as everyone here… Clearly… So im sorry again.

    1. Amer: please come and join us, feel free to bring friends. I have posted “the rules” before, a few times, but it’s worth repeating. Some ‘rules’ weren’t posted, because they never came up before. Your enthusiasm is fine, and I privately whispered you. It’s my boundary, and no one else said a word. Thank you for understanding. The rules are this: you know who we are – we are all very skilled players. The only difference is some of us haven’t seen all the content. We play our own ways. We get a little irked when some young whipper-snapper comes in and plays the usual way – I completely understand. The “normal” way to play is to offer all kinds of tips and advice and assume no one else knows what they are doing. If anyone brings a friend, please tell them we are in Vent, if they want to offer a tip on mechanics, know that most of the conversation is happening in Vent with experienced players. This cuts down on the leadership ‘noise’ that tends to happen in raids. Continuing to type somewhat snarky comments in raid chat is the ‘normal’ way to play, and we certainly aren’t normal.

      And, if you ever say you’re not smart or a good player I will pinch you. That is our number one “rule” – everyone belongs and brings a lot of joy. You very much so. 🙂

  3. I’m afraid I’ve reached the “don’t give a shit” phase that’s why my mic’s turned off most times and then I’m talking to myself the whole time not realizing it’s off, lol.

    Cat was so happy she finally realized, hey, I have a tank spec! That was great fun getting to impersonate a tank and be a junior bear butt for a night.

    Sorry I missed JD and Ulduar as Cim has a long list of items she wants from there and Sasche will probably be creating her wish list to go with the shoulders she got. What is it with these Warlocks and clothes.

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