Rites of Passage


One of the unexpected joys of cross-realm server mergers (and I’m sure it may turn into a curse) is the additional characters that have opened up to us. Whisperwind/Dentarg connection means there are now 11 more slots on Dentarg available to me, so I can create characters to my alt’s content. I realized we, the Drunken Fish, could still use a few more Classy’s, so another hunter was born, Keilei.

classy ne

Is there anything more beautiful than a Night Elf female hunter, calmly drawing back her bow, and aiming true? I am smitten with her. And though she’s wearing spirit-leather heirlooms (hey, work with what you’ve got, you know?), she’s leveling fast. (I know hunters used to need mana–Haanta was begun back ‘in those days.’) But one thing I think is important are those touch-points of leveling any character. For Night Elves, it’s their journey into the caves of Ban’Ethil Barrow. It has always struck me as one of the saddest and most dangerous places in the game, even with the Night Elf guide who accompanies us neophyte Night Elves. Assisting Oben Rageclaw achieve ever-lasting peace is a tragic necessity.

My question to you all is, “What areas are “must do-s” to feel that your character is ‘complete?'” Now I’m off to work with my incomplete task. Wish my boss had asked me to go to Ban’Ethil. At least I can find my way out of there.


10 thoughts on “Rites of Passage”

  1. To me, it’s zones. I cannot bypass Winterspring or Tanaris. I have to level through them or it feels incomplete. I also have to at least do a few quests in Silithus. For whatever reason these places bring the very first time back to me.

  2. It has been so long since I actually levelled a toon from scratch, that I can not even begin to answer that question, however I have a couple of little guys now that I am pushing through the ranks – and I definitely want to take one to Duskwood and another to Wetlands – both of those places remind me of vanilla and makes it feel special and complete to me 🙂

  3. For me… Alliance side I always love Duskwood too. It’s probably one of my favorite zones because I love ghost stories.
    Horde side…I never seem to get tired of Ghostlands. I always have to try tackling the Knucklerot and Luzran quest. Lately I’ve been trying it in more inventive ways.

  4. I made that connection about the extra guild slots now. I just cringe at the idea of doing all that leveling myself. LOL

      1. Until I hit the cap, I don’t have too many. Now perhaps I have too many IDLE alts at the moment…heh.

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