Cheat codes.

Tell you a secret: sometimes I post information on this blog so I can read it on my lunch break and not have to worry about any judgment of my Internet history – I mean, no one would understand that I’m researching Azerothian Warrior specs. Well, maybe one or two of my co-workers. Koanni understands though. As the article in Icy Veins says, and as was my suspicion, ‘fury warrior’ is relatively easy to understand, and difficult to master (much like being a hunter). So, that gives me confidence. I can do this! I love the idea of having two two-handed weapons, so I’m going to try my best at first Fury, and then Protection. It’s going to take a long time though. She needs coins for the weapons, and a few more lucky RNG blessings, but I’m willing to give it a go. According to Icy Veins, of course I picked the one that’s gear dependent most of all:

The Fury rotation is easy to understand and play at a reasonable level, but it is very difficult to master.The Fury specialisation performs poorly at low gear levels (due to its high reliance on Critical Strike and Mastery Rating), so it is below Arms in terms of damage until one reaches a much higher item level. There is no exact or rough breakpoint for when this happens, so we recommend that you use Simulationcraft to find out when one specialization surpasses the other.

Big thanks to PlaidElf last night for coming to my rescue and helping me get Lesser Charms. This is a very, very squishy warrior. Off to get a protein shake. Believe me –I wish I could stay home today and just goof around on this girl. Some characters just beckon us, you know? Sit tight, Koanni. I’ll be home soon.

Koanni: Work In Progress

9 thoughts on “Cheat codes.”

  1. I had fun helping you with the charms. Tyl never minds helping out pretty ladies. 😀
    And I wish you luck figuring out warrior-ing but also warn you that when you get good at it I may turn around and ask you for advice. 😉

    1. After reading a few things I’m already overwhelmed: hope she doesn’t end up being just another pretty face. You give me courage!

  2. My poor Fury Warrior is stuck in Hellfire at 60, she suddenly realized she doesn’t know WTF she’s doing. I hope she’s studying there at the Inn cause I sure don’t know. I just thought two two-handers! Cool!

    1. The thing is – there is always one little nugget of “I have to do this” and having a tall, blue Draenei hold two two-handed weapons is too much of a draw. But damn…getting those weapons is another story altogether./sigh

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