OLRG: Momma’s Got a Squeeze Box, Daddy Never Sleeps At Night Edition


3PM (Saturday) Seattle: 8AM Sydney (Sunday)

Hey, I know it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday (at least in the States: I know it’s celebrated on Saturday in Mexico) so many of you will be otherwise occupied this weekend. You know what I asked for for Mother’s Day? A boost (which I gave myself) and a I asked Young Leet Druid for help with Buyongxie and green fire stuff. Yes, that’s right –please — no chocolates, flowers, or mani-pedis, I want more green fire. Pretty sure I am the only mother in North America who asks for such things.

Anyway, this Saturday’s OLRG will commence at 3PM  — we only need a few players to get through Firelands for the staff, so if that’s too early for you, please do not sweat it.

Let me restate some OLRG norms:

*Please speak up if there is an achieve or piece of mog gear you are after. We are the Fairy Godmothers of Soul and Azeroth, and want to make your dreams come true.

*Please join us and know we are a cracker-jack team of players. See Fairy Godmothers of Soul. We just have different paths of Azerothian experience.

*I am the quasi Raid Leader. But — and this is a biggie — do want input and guidance from those with more experience.

*Need on mog gear you want, and this is a bugaboo on Blizz’s part: if gear is not your spec, you will only be able to greed it. Please – everyone – do not d/e any gear unless it’s a piece of jewelry or trinket. Hesitate to de even green gear, because some green stuff is pretty cool. If it’s a weapon and folks want it, speak up and we’ll roll again.

Okay, so this week’s theme is dangling achievements: I say we finish up Naxx 25-man shocking, and then actively start getting the mounts from Ulduar and ICC. We…we want ponies. I’ll do to put more of a comprehensive list together soon. This time around it’s going to be mostly Alliance to clean up some achievements I have (yes, I’m being selfish).

So, to recap:

Firelands – the few

Naxx- the 25-man shocking achieve

Ulduar: toast some dwarfs

ICC: the beginning

And then: yes – we need to start Flexing together. And remember: with the OLRG the only mistake you can make is to think you can make a mistake.

6 thoughts on “OLRG: Momma’s Got a Squeeze Box, Daddy Never Sleeps At Night Edition”

  1. Matty, what ilvl will we need for flex? And will we be horde or alliance, so I know which warlock to gear up?

    1. I think 520 is the magic number, and at this time I must be honest and say alliance because that is where my strongest characters are. We can do this!!

  2. Seems like Tyl’s going to need one more point of ilvl for Flex so I guess he’s going have to break down and wait in some really long queues later hoping for a trinket or ring drop.

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