OLRG: Stinky Warrior Edition

“Precious Father, why have you given me this desire to wrestle, and then made me such a stinky warrior? Have I focused too much on my fame, and my boots and stretchy pants?”

Koanni, With Stretchy Pants
Koanni, With Stretchy Pants

Yes, all I could think about yesterday was how much Koanni has in common with Ignacio, or  his luchador name, Nacho. The lust for gear. Boots. Stretchy Pants. And Timeless Coins for a new pole arm. Fandral refuses to hand over his staff to Momokawa, but that didn’t stop us from having fun. Nope. Sorry, Fiery Chicken Butt Druid Dude, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. Tome had to leave, and I’m sorry she missed Breige leading us through Naxx and finishing up 25-man “shocking” so I finally got my Glory of the Raider Edition:


What? No Pony?
What? No Pony?

All right, fine then. Pfft. I will take a page from Nacho and be happy in the glory and for the niños and stuff. Muchas gracias to Señor who helped me gather Timeless Coins –there is nothing like in-game practice to strengthen one’s skills at any class. Just gotta get in the ring and try.  And summon my eagle powers. He said, “Hit it first,” and I thought, “What do you think I am doing?”

I have no idea what I am doing, but I’ll do it with style. Till we meet again Old Ladies! Vaya con dios!




4 thoughts on “OLRG: Stinky Warrior Edition”

  1. I’m sorry too as that’s the last one I still need for the achievement. But that makes me wonder, good things happen when I’m not there. Maybe next Firelands I’ll bring Cim instead and maybe that staff will drop if Cat’s not there. Maybe he’s thinking, oh she’s here. She already got one.

    1. Well you just never know! And now that we are experts at Shocking, we’ll swing in there and get that done for you. I didn’t even have to jump off the platform, because for some reason my warrior sank like a stone in the ooze. Must be all that plate. Anyway, we’ll get that done, and then maybe start on the ICC ones. I’m all about the mounts at this point. Give me my damn staff and ponies, Blizz. (And in the words of Nacho Libre, “Get that corn out of my face!”

  2. yay grats! you got it all done! sorry i wasnt there this week with you guys… family stuff… not that im a mother or anything but had to celebrate my brothers wife anyway… and my little cutie nieces lol ❤ Anyway, next weekend too I wont be able to come due that I will be working 4 days straight this coming weekend for work… =( so I will be missing in action again.. sorry in advance! good luck guys! im sure it will always be a fun run with OLRG! =)

    1. Family > WoW any day – no worries! Hope you had a wonderful time – sorry about the workload, but that too comes before WoW – gotta pay for it somehow! You’re always welcome, and hope to see you soon!

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