I like big butts…

And I cannot lie.

No, it’s not me, it’s you guys. An article just came out in Slate magazine about why men choose female avatars over males:

In fact, it’s all about the butts. Because players see their avatars from a third-person perspective from behind, men are confronted with whether they want to stare at a guy’s butt or a girl’s butt for 20 hours a week. Or as the study authors put it in more academic prose, gender-switching men “prefer the esthetics of watching a female avatar form.” This means that gender-switching men somehow end up adopting a few female speech patterns even though they had no intention of pretending to be a woman.

Look, I always knew why CD Rogue was a cross-dressing rogue: his female human rogue is a hottie. No lie. She’ll cut you as quick as look at you, so don’t mess. Is he a pro player? Is he a heroic raider? Um…no. But that’s okay. I’ve said this before that in reality I’m glad he has other interests, and I have my own. It may be tough for some to understand that people can have friends of both genders in Azeroth, and you know – it never seems to matter. Take my friend Turk, for example. When he reads I got Kovok on a Flex run with his guild while he was out of town, he’ll be so happy for me!


8 thoughts on “I like big butts…”

  1. Grats on Kovok! Isn’t he cute?! I was so happy when I got mine in LFR.

    And I could have guessed it was about the butts. My husband’s main is a gorgeous female blood elf mage after all. And I freely admit myself to not minding watching my male blood elves run around one little bit.

    1. TBH, not really sure about the article’s ‘science.’ But you never know! And thanks- I’m terrible about leveling but I’ll give it a go.

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