OLRG: Pull the string!


Look out! He's got a knife!
Look out! He’s got a knife!














Not sure what’s up with me lately.  It’s not a question of being “happy” or “not happy,” it’s more of a “I can’t really be this weird” feeling. Example: today I had to take cub around to various functions. And it was a beautiful day. I mean – crazy beautiful. Like, if today was an actress, it would be Elizabeth Taylor beautiful…beautiful as in “Scarlet Johansson and Brad Pitt had a baby and it become a god and created the blue sky, perfect sunshine, and obscene amount of whispering windy green leaves” beautiful. And you know what crossed my mind? That I am scared of CLIMATE CHANGE. Terrified. Every warm day in May in the Seattle area means something is HORRIBLY WRONG. Somewhere an icecap is melting, a polar bear is stranded, and they are selling jars of fresh air in China. Do you think I make this stuff up? Click the link. Then I thought to myself, I’m just like the Andie MacDowel character in Sex, Lies, and Videotape who kept worrying about all the garbage. I can’t even enjoy a gorgeous, spectacular, dizzying, epic late spring day without worrying about how it’s costing some other ecosystem or habitat dearly, and thinking about my conservative friends who don’t “believe” in climate change. What. The. For you, I have a jar of French air:


Okay, fine. I’m crazy. So sue me. You all knew it anyway. Suspected all along. Whatever.

Let’s go be crazy together – if you’re around this Saturday let’s help Tome get a few of her lingering achievements, and then…let’s…try…some…new content. Just for fun. See you then!


12 thoughts on “OLRG: Pull the string!”

  1. Oh I wish it was in the middle of the night so I could attend when there were no family issues to deal with! Totally worth a sleepless night 🙂

  2. When i would take family trips to Ikea, all my sister could ever think about was the large silver pipes on the ceiling. Terrified her. No clue why. Swedish furnishings didn’t even distract her from it.

    But we’re an overall crazy family anyway >:D

    1. Great – now I will have to remember not to look up when I go to Ikea. Not like assembling the furniture isn’t scary enough! That’s a wonderful anecdote – glad to know I’m not the only one

  3. Yeah, this Winter we got Canada’s weather, now we seem to have developed a rainy season with tornadoes and lots of high damaging winds, this is not the weather of my youth at all.

    Got my fingers crossed for Saturday!

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