OLRG: Sweet Runs of Mine

Where do we go…where do we go from here?

There are ponies involved. Make it so.
There are ponies involved. Make it so.


Oh man oh man that was fun. Prinnie joined us for a bit, but then she had to go meet her boouuyyyfrrennd (oh those first moments when you fall in love with someone…nothing beats that), so I had to kick her out. It’s okay. I told her in Vent. And not only is she in the first throes of new love, but her blog is the funniest thing ever. Her Vent personality is exactly in the same voice/character as her writing. I began to explain the spider fight but wasn’t doing it goblin-speed for her, and she took over. It’s cool. Time is money friend, and I need to remember that underneath those Draenei horns beats the green heart of a goblin girl, and I just adore her.  Fandral has that fire staff so far up his…tail…it’s wedged in there permanently. Next time we go to Firelands I’m taking a proctologist. And some of the best news is my long-time friend is back playing, and he kindly and graciously brought his Death Knight to tank. (He is dashing, Tome, you’re so right!) So happy to have you there sir! Coming full circle with you from Molten Core to Firelands is an achievement that is off the books, but the best achievements of all. But don’t think for a second we don’t miss folks who’ve joined us in the past — Taikuutta, dude, we totally understand real life scrapes against our

That's not nice.
That’s not nice.

Azerothian ones. Neo – now that you’ve helped many of us old ladies across the street, you good Boy Scout you, don’t think we still don’t need assistance. Helke, I am so sorry you’re having computer issues. We all missed you, and hope things get back on the rails soon. And all of the Old Ladies, Alliance or Horde, always wonderful when you can join us, and always understandable when you can’t.

Next week’s OLRG will be all about 10-man ICC. I am still feeling somewhat grumpy and oddly optimistic about the thought of Challenge Modes and other things “going away” with Worlds of Draenor. I don’t think any content should “go away.” Think about it. If most of the older content was barred for us, there would be no Old Ladies kicking butt and taking names. (The only butts we’d be kicking would be a Million Old Ladies march on Blizzard’s headquarters.) So, I am hopeful that we can snare some Flex runs, and maybe some Challenge runs, especially since summer’s coming, and I’ll be doing my other ‘job’ of getting my brain back. It’s missing now, and I hope it finds its way home soon. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend here in the States, but we at the Matty-shack don’t do anything but light fires in the backyard and make s’mores to kick off the unofficial beginning of summer. We’ll be around, so hopefully folks can join us on Saturday to get some ice-ice-crown baby stuff done.


Till we meet again my stalwart companions! Onward!

10 thoughts on “OLRG: Sweet Runs of Mine”

  1. As always its always fun running with OLRG but still i only few i know most of the time there… Matty, tome, kamalia, heiki, but its all a pleasure raiding and meeting y’all hmmm anyway… My guild has been running old content too lately… So sometimes in a week that i cant come i joined them thought i should let you know.. We raid only mon and wed. So any other day if im online or run some lfr or flex raids pls dont hesitate to holler at me be glad to heal or dps for you guys… 🙂 thanks again!!!

    1. That’s great! Never worry about showing up or doing things in real life or with your regular guild – I’ll just shout out the invites, and come if you can -always happy to have you!

  2. I must admit, my lack of attendance had also been due to “new love” if you will. That and the madness that spring gardening.

    1. Figured as much and believe me I would do the same! Not that I don’t adore CD Rogue but time does alter some things 😉 see you tonight at a flex

      1. Yay, Garrosh shall perish by our hands tonight… Or be arrested… or something like that…

  3. You can’t relive the first months of a relationship, so I had to go. 😀

    I am totally impatient, too. I kind of don’t see that changing at this point in time …

    1. I am impatient too, and you’re totally right: those first moments are irreplaceable and serve to maintain many years to come quite often. Adore you green girl!

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