Hang on Lupe…


This weekend was weird, and I am having a “weirdness” hangover. Except for the OLRG, the past 48-hours frittered and flew unfocused, the weather was odd–glaring sunny one moment, torrential downpour the next; and as far as moving through the nitty-gritty life list my brain took off with the mental car keys out for a pack of cigarettes and I haven’t seen it since. Now it’s just after 7AM and I’ll be careening to work in a bit–didn’t sleep well, had weird dreams (I was staying with Paul McCartney and other friends, I think George Clooney was there, too, and had to bed hop because Paul McCartney or George Clooney wanted the king-sized bed, and there was rain coming in the window, and women’s razors in one bed. Note to self: no more pirogues before bedtime.) It took a herculean effort to get up this morning, and I’m still frazzled. The point of this was not to write about Jungian imagery of razors and leading men and left-handed bass players, but to note that Luperci has some pretty amazing gear. I decided to run Ordos for the heck of it last night though she had no free rolls, and she received some nice pants. I looked over her gear and she has many nice pieces. She is one point shy of item level 525 in fact. I miss that little tank, and keep threatening unbeknownst to the rest of Azeroth, to bring her out of retirement. There is always a goody bag for tanks, and everyone needs tanks. But it is a big responsibility, and as gorgeous as she is, not sure she can sustain dazzling them with her good looks indefinitely. (Trust me Lupe, I know.) So Hawt, if you’re reading this, and you want to help a rookie just say the word sometime and we’ll hang out on Vent, and you can help me. As many videos or tips one can read, there is nothing that replaces a good coach and real-time experience. As long as you leave “that mage” out of it, we’ll be good to go. I have only been protection with Lupe, except for a brief interlude with Holy, which is also lovely. I have terrible damage and retribution is awkward for me. The spells for paladins are all in varying shades of gold, so that’s a bit confusing for me. Chartreuse gold to gleaming gold – don’t know if I’m turning evil or blinding them in the light. But I know where my taunt spell is, and that is a start.


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