RTMT: Unsolved Azerothian Mysteries

baby eyes

Today’s Random Tuesday Morning Thought is brought to you courtesy of “Overthinking” and “WUT?” But no one cares about that right now – there’s a big ol’ patch going on right now. It would seem the revisions affect the ease of LFRs, and folks are going to be able to get upgrades galore. I’m sure everyone’s off reading those important things, excitement building, because for any and every patch from here on out, that’s one step closer to the big expansion. I’m not ready.

This post was originally for Breige, who asks, like Tome, why is it some monsters have pockets, and yet some do not? Pockets that produce change and hard candy, and yet others don’t even have lint? No one knows. No one knows why how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, or why with my 550+ geared destro lock I come in 7th on DPS in a Flex. No one knows.

Well, I need to get all scientific up in there, folks. Let’s see. I have’t reforged in awhile. At a critical moment CD Rogue kept sending me texts about his adventures with a lost UPS package. The dog starts whining, doing a potty dance. I was trying to listen and focus on a new strat (I had done Flex earlier in the week with the same character, and did fine–last night not so much), and there is this constant nagging feeling that I am forgetting my ‘homework.’ All the time. That I didn’t read some e-mail, or respond to some question, or am about to miss a meeting, or didn’t read my book for book club. Neo asks me to sign up for as many raids as I can, and I realized this morning I have book club on Wednesday (we’re reading Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown – my book clubbers love it; I’ve been skipping the rowing parts to get to the love story bits). Regardless, I’ve come to the other realization that I am not elite during new ideas. It takes me awhile to absorb a new concept, work with a new group, and adjust. It’s got to be hard to players who’ve played together for a while not to get a little tense or frustrated with [read: shitty] players like me. We almost one-shotted Garrosh, but while I desperately tried to interrupt with my demon’s Licking Spell of Mighty Halitosis, didn’t quite cut it.

And now it’s time for me to fly away again. Later, haters.

Is it summer yet?



2 thoughts on “RTMT: Unsolved Azerothian Mysteries”

  1. They are really difficult blobs to deal with, I needed that licking spell in the brawlers thing and would he do it? No! Minions, can’t live with them, can’t live without … oh some people sacrifice them, maybe I’ll threaten him with that.

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