On my side.


If I had written the post I wanted to at 4AM this morning, I would probably be locked out of Azeroth. I was hoppin’ mad. If I went through the list of personal (egregious) observations, you would all tell me the same conclusion I came to: let it go. (Forever ruined by effing Disney. Forever. Now I’m mad all over again.) But in all seriousness, some shit just isn’t worth it. Let’s just stick to the positive, shall we? The entire 25-man was DOA during Sha of Pride, but because I committed the unholy sin of soul-stoning myself, I was able to resuscitate myself and hit it just a little bit more, along with two other players. I know there were one or two more players alive, because they congratulated themselves for saving the fight. Some players had connection issues, so there was about a 15-20 minute wait for them, so unfortunately we didn’t get to the one dude I needed (was planning on using last token for sword, and I lost on a roll for the one item I needed, a ring, since both my rings are still 528). And wouldn’t you know because I didn’t bring my shaman, every cool piece of shammy gear dropped, from spirit to agility, so I could have upgraded Mataoka’s sets. Oh well. That’s how the RNGs roll. I wonder what would happen, however, if RNGs controlled players’ behaviors and attitudes? Almost too scary to think about.

I contend our best ‘luck’ comes from our friendships. I owe Turk big time for giving me his “extra” Ruby Droplet. Nothing extra about that beauty. I camped by the upstairs lake for days, and he felt pity for me I guess. Or perhaps our friendship is worth more than fake AH gold. Regardless, I owe him one. I also owe Erinys for this great idea – an Azerothian Time Machine. Ah, lovely fantasy. And I owe Hawt for her patience and friendship once again.

But note to self: next time I get to tag along, and CD Rogue comes home and it’s a beautiful spring evening, and he offers to go for a walk, I’ll probably go for that walk instead of waiting for Internet connections, etc. At least my ass won’t get any bigger, and I won’t be thinking about big assess at 4am.

Mr. Snerguls here: dat dame is damn confusin, ya know? Sorry for the obfuscation and dodgy text. She was tired, all I can say.

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