OLRG: In Memoriam of Arthas Edition


Curdle my Whey, baby
Curdle my Whey, baby

Tirion Fordring stopped by this morning and told me, nay demanded, that I and the OLRGs presence were needed at Ice Crown. (Wait, you didn’t know that? He’s my milkman. You thought he met a terrible fate, but nope, brings me 2% milk, eggs, jalapeño cream cheese spread, Vashon Island coffee, and cinnamon rolls every Thursday morning. Sometimes I get saucy and put lemon pound cake and banana bread on the order. Whatever.) He said that it seems that there are a few unachieved achievements that need achieving.  So ladies, and gentlemen, sharpen your Ashbringer, and hopefully will see you Saturday afternoon around 3-ish. Let me know how you take your coffee and I’ll add some cream, too. I like hazelnut or French vanilla.

So let’s go.

PS Why I made Tirion my milkman I have no clue. I must have needed some odd juxtaposition. But this morning I forgot to put out my recycle carry-in bags and found that my milkman had replaced all three of them, with the handles placed out of the milk bins to show the delivery had been made, and he cares enough about me to replace forgotten tote bags. If that’s not a paladin of a milkman, I don’t know what is.


3 thoughts on “OLRG: In Memoriam of Arthas Edition”

  1. I read this this morning and that caused a long rambly search to see if I could acquire a milk man. I thought maybe Tyrion could be mine since you already have Tirion. Finally remembered to come back, I’ll bet Arthas is really worried about now!

    1. He should be worried; there is a crazy shaman witting bizarre posts about him and other paladins. I am pretty sure I have lost my mind.

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