Seattle style

Forgive me, I am at my wit’s end. I am sitting here in cub’s room while I act like an aggressive momma bear. It’s a long story but I have time to try to post something in this blog while he wrangles through missing algebra and AP European history assignments. I was supposed to go to a flex tonight but he needs me more. So I am playing around with my iPad and took this screen shot of my newest hunter, and sure enough she is wearing almost the same style shoes that I just bought, some green Keens. We, my fellow bloggers and I have often talked about our real life fashion sense or lack thereof, and though my tummy showing days are over (big cubs come with a physical price) I do wear similar things to my Azerothian counterparts. Blue jeans, red linen kimono style shirts, green shoes, tote bags and purses full of spells, off hands (what do you think my cell phone is?) and a plethora of trinkets and jewels. All fake of course, just like the Azerothian ones. It is often said the Seattlelites are some of the worst dressed. Anywhere. But I would just like to say that we are eccentric or quirky. We’re built for speed and dodging raindrops. And Keieli, where can I get those shoes?


3 thoughts on “Seattle style”

  1. I didn’t know that Seattlelites had that distinction! Sounds like where I ought to be. And those really are the best shoes, looks like something my daughter would wear. She’s a shoe person and I … um, I wear shoes. Pretty much buy some I like and then wear them until they self-destruct. That’s how I tell I need new ones, lol.

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