fuuzzzzzeeee wuzzzzeee
New Zealand, we’ve talked about this. Time and time again between the sexually active mid-life crisis penguins, the Hobbits, sexy rugby dudes, and having your own personal warlock, now you co-opt facial hair ads, too? Is there no end to the abject coolness of your little piece of the third rock from the sun?    That’s fine. The mammalian-faced hirsute gentleman distracted me from an otherwise kind-of-in-a-funk day. But hope is near: Navimie whispered me with a great idea this afternoon, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet. (Hint: Foreshadowing. Deal with it.) It’s not like it’s been a slow news week or anything either. There has been some great writing happening out there. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I know what’s wrong with Mataoka though. I’ve just got a lack of sunlight. She’s got a dearth of Dwarfs. That must be it. She subconsciously made me stop at this photo of the hairy dude and sigh heavily. She could really use a night of drinking and carousing with Dwarfs. Keep that marmot on your face, and pass on the shaving cream!

Let’s not get started on the glow worm caves:


When this song comes on the radio I play it very loudly and look around to see if anyone is making fun of the old lady rocking out in the green pick-up truck, and then I turn it up louder:


4 thoughts on “FUNZ”

  1. Sounds like maybe Gilbraith will have to get down to business and try out his new heirlooms enough to at least get out of the starting area so he can take Mataoka drinking in Ironforge. 😉
    You post some of the neatest random stuff here 😀 I love that cave.

    1. Well no one wants to corrupt minors, that’s for sure! LOL Sometimes a little head-banging music on the way home does the trick to relieve a lot of stress, that’s for sure!

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