Look, I have no business being here or in Azeroth right now. I took a much needed mental-health day (don’t think that’s a thing? Don’t believe me? The Internets say so, so it must be true.) and this quick question just popped into my head: Are there things that are unique to your specific class/race/specialization that are not on any WoW Insider or Icy Veins, etc., sort of “tip” information?

Example: I really need to knock-out Mataoka’s rep with the Drunken Fish so she can start to finish her reputations for both the Beloved title, as well as the guild achievement. Reluctantly, (and I’m not sure why) I dragged my mouse and clicked on her character. Off she when to say hello to Ordos for the 459th time, and on her merry way she stopped to pick the flowers and Sprites (yes, picking their little mean eyeballs right out of their heads) and ‘she’ accidentally popped her wolves. Not one to waste a good spirit wolf, she immediately attacked a mob of one over on a grassy knoll, quietly picking flowers or looking at ant hills (what are those Yaungol doing anyway when they are kneeling down in the grass? Tying pretend shoes? Looking for a lost contact lens?) Lost-contact-shoe-tying Yaungol done, wolves happy and fed, and onto Ordos. No loot, of course, because RNGs forbid she get a treat for her time.

So yes, Enhancement shamans sometimes pop wolves by mistake but try to not let them go to waste. What things do your characters do that are off the ‘books?’

10 thoughts on “Unique-horn”

  1. Cat occasionally embarrasses herself by accidentally hitting Might of Ursoc. Oh pardon me, I didn’t mean to turn into a bear. It increases your health 30% for 20 seconds and switches you to bear form. Oddly while the 30% would be nice being in bear form will not do wonders for her survival, just the opposite. I should move that thing.

  2. I constantly accidentally soulstone myself when I try to brez someone else….I should make a mouseover macro or something for it, because it’s just not working for me!

  3. I have life cocoon on a slightly dubious keybind and so randomly bubble myself when not in combat/not in danger.
    I usually pretend it was deliberate and that I’m taking some sort of ornate screenshot.

  4. Like hammers and nails, when you’re a druid with Typhoon, every little cliff looks like a GREAT place for a battle….wait, what? No, I’m not running away from you, I’m luring you to this sheer precipice so I can, um….well, you’ll see. Just stand over here for me….

  5. I’ve been known to pop my mirrors when I’m pulling weeds on the farm. That’s when I quickly poke all the vermin hiding in the soil. You’d think when you’re exalted with the Tillers, you’d have less farming issues.

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