OLRG: Beach Blanket Bingo Edition

Waiting for Ik

Waiting for Ik

Mataoka’s current assignment is waiting for Ik-Ik in a damp, drippy cave that smells of monkey poo and banana farts in Dread Wastes, just so she can get her Hozen Beach Ball, which comes with Coppertone and a frozen margarita. It’s the last home stretch before summer time, and like a horse racing to the barn, or shaman relegated to NPC duty, patience has grown thin. I just got an e-mail late last night with the information I was waiting for regarding my personal schedule on Saturday: I will be home but late afternoon/early evening, so around 5 or 5:30 my  time. If that’s enough time to at least get a little bit of the 10-man heroic things done let me know – I’ll pop on and see who’s there. If you need to go and live your own life in your own time zone I completely understand. Now, I’m off to go buy some air freshener. Monkey farts stink.

4 thoughts on “OLRG: Beach Blanket Bingo Edition”

  1. I probably won’t make it as that’s getting close to my snoring on the couch time, lol. You know how old ladies are. You never know though, I might feel a burst of energy maybe.

    1. I totally understand: it is tough to predict schedules when others are in charge. That is the ultimate coolness of us old ladies: we rule Azeroth! Snore on couch buff? Sure! I like those too!

  2. Dang. If that’s the time I think it is and I’m not entirely sure because I can’t figure out how to convert time even with time converters. But I’m fairly certain I’ll be in the middle of a guild raid. Oh well. I can hope for next week.

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