Best Three Words:

New shiny shinies!
New shiny shinies!

Nope, not “I love you,” or “Extra pickles, please,” but “Update (from armory).” I want to thank Hawt once again for a wonderful, stress-free, drama-free, super amazing fun time on a 25-man normal. I received a new shiny ring and a great trinket. Sure, I lost the roll of a most-coveted sword to Jed, but because he’s JED for Velen’s sake I can forgive him anything. (I really want a sword/wand and off-hand combo for Kellda: more mog options!) That was so much fun–I felt confident and relaxed. I wish I hadn’t cut open my left-hand’s middle finger on kitchen scissors before the fight, but that is still no excuse for my lackluster dps, however. But here’s the thing: I know how to take a long look at performance and correct it. After work today I’ll pour over Icy Veins and Ask Mr. Robot and make some gear and reforging corrections, review my glyphs, and then hit the target dummies for a bit. There is still work to do. Not to mention finding a band-aid. Thanks again, Hawt!

This is her character BigMac – she found a friend!

In WowInsider!
In WowInsider!

PS Time to catch up on some reading, too:

And LUCKY! Finally I can get Matty out of that nasty, monkey-poo cave –


6 thoughts on “Best Three Words:”

  1. I’m glad you had a good time and some RNG luck and thanks so much again for getting me out of trouble with your blood sacrifice! Maybe I’ll try a blood sacrifice before I go on another looking for mounts run, couldn’t hurt.

  2. Grats on your new shiny! And I’m happy that I was able to give you a taste of my kind of raiding. Just wish we could have gotten started a bit earlier, but I chose not to group up early, hoping the real raid leader would show up. (sigh) Hopefully we’ll get to Garrosh next week on the 25m team……
    Hawtpocketz/ Tattertotz/ Bigmac/ Smallfriez….and yes I have a new shammy named CrunchnMunch

    1. CrunchnMunch —“Homer Simpson Drool….” Always have a great time with you! I hope we get Garrosh down this week too – big time.

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