OLRG: Mrs. Whitworth Edition

skull cat

That headline is not fair. It’s a lie. I don’t have any new information on Mrs. Whitworth. Last I heard her kitten was off on adventures of his own, and she was back to her usual…tricks. In any case, I am hoping to get some down-time here in the next few weeks and dig out of the well some kind of soggy muse to get my writing fingers clicky-clacking again on the keyboard. I’m sure by this Saturday, however, I’ll have buried the evidence and saved Mrs. W from a life of legal problems, and be ready to see how far we can slice through ICC 10man. The only reason it has to be Alliance this time through is that none of my characters have been through it on normal, and I need mostly heroic bosses down. So, see you around 3-4PM, Saturday, June 7? Hope so!

6 thoughts on “OLRG: Mrs. Whitworth Edition”

  1. Since Saturday has ended up being grocery day this week not sure if I’ll be able to make it… at least not on time. 😦 But when I get home I’ll pop on to see if you still need a hunter. Good luck!

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