OLRG: I…what…how…? Edition

Saturday’s OLRG was very odd and oddly wonderful — Helke’s still out, Breige went to go watch Shakespeare, Prinnie’s in love, and not sure where Tome got off to. But Elay joined me, and Taikuuta returned for the afternoon! We went to Ice Crown Ten Man Heroic, and now I only have two more things to do.

Did you know – if you have an amazing monk healer like Elay she can one-shot heal the dragon and you get Portal Jockey without ever having to step through a portal? I am still in shock.


Elay had to skip out, but my milkman was there...
Elay had to skip out, but my milkman was there…

Taikuutta received the most beautiful skirt I have ever seen, and Luperci received a funky looking shield. Not sure if Elay got anything except my undying admiration. Doesn’t seem like enough.

I am willing to go back there anytime, and slice through ten-man heroic, and grab these last two:


This is going to be an odd week, I think. Summer’s getting closer every second, and I have this impeding sense of not doom, but perhaps doom’s cousin panic attack.

Don't be afraid little ghost....
Don’t be afraid little ghost….

I do know I will be there, wherever there is, on Tuesday and Thursday. I really want to get Garrosh done and over with. I feel it’s like a movie everyone else has seen and I have to wait for it to come out on Netflix. I’ll look at my calendar later to see what else needs doing and fixing. And remember to breath.


3 thoughts on “OLRG: I…what…how…? Edition”

  1. Drat! Drat! Drat! And I missed the one where Magic was back too! I sure hope the stars align correctly soon, I need a OLRG run more than, I don’t know, salted caramel gelato even.

    1. That is huge! Salted Caramel huge! Those stars are about as squirrely as a boosted warrior trying to do a Sunday LFR. There is still so much to do in Azeroth, and time is on our side. I know it. I just know it.

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