RTMT: Gearhead

Pretty in purple
Pretty in purple

There is no break from Azeroth this fine late spring morning – it was wide open and ready for business. I have twenty minutes before revving up the truck and taking off. But damn, I wish I could get that hour of sleep back, from the hour I woke up far before my alarm, not knowing if I had clean clothes, and a very restless CD Rogue preventing deep sleep. (He has had something wrong with his back for months now, and is taking steps to figure it out.) I know this sounds dumb, but in those swirly mind moments, I think about…Azeroth. I think about a fascinating thread I read about gear/loot distribution and some of the discussion points, I think about running Flex 4 with AnLa Shok last night and one-shotting every boss except for the Paragon, and only because melee got some sort of red stuff on them or something, I thought about my shiny new dagger and trinket, and now I need to regem/reforge again, because hopefully tonight I’ll get to take Kellda to a 25-man. I really want to finish this up soon, and not keep repeating the same fights over and over; someone I’m friends with was surprised I hadn’t yet downed Garrosh to get my pony. I am surprised too, but it’s been mostly out of my control.

I don’t envy Master Looters, much like I don’t envy my boss. If you’re not pissing this person off, you’re certainly upsetting this other faction. I really loved Alliser Thorne’s short-lived speech about leadership and not allowing himself to be second guessed by ‘every twat’ that comes along. This leadership hubris, however, can be quite damaging. I know when I’ve had amazing leaders within and without Azeroth, and I know when I’ve run up against unmitigated ego. When one merely looks at data points (in my real world) and judges and evaluates based on quantitive substance versus qualitative value, the leadership effort and keen decision making capacity is also cut in half. Good leaders see the forest and the trees, and they are very rare.

So off I go, my time is up. I have hot coffee and doughnuts (a payment of a debt/promise I made, and a Matty always pays her debts). Off to go be the best leader I can be, and overall, I do a pretty good job. It’s tough keeping the giants out of the tunnel, but I do my best.

7 thoughts on “RTMT: Gearhead”

  1. Oh yeah! I think I was one of those alive and wasn’t paying attention, selfish warlock that I am! You guys are great and I really admire Shel: she is awesome

    1. I need to be patient. And present. Two things I don’t have a lot of, sad to say. Too many evening errands, etc. A woman’s work, I suppose…
      and thanks! I think she looks pretty great, too!

    1. I guess I should have been clear: when I said I loved it I didn’t mean I agreed with it – it completely captured how some leaders view leadership. And yes – those giants. /sigh

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