Don’t you…forget about me…


I swear – I will be back. In the past 48 hours, I have been the most important person in people’s lives and been called a “f*cking crybaby” by others. I have uncovered real life trolls who look like beautiful young ladies on the outside, but their hearts are dark and warty. I have met young valiant squires who are going to become amazing men. And, I have played the witch and the goddess in a single moment. It’s kind of exhausting.

So – be patient. I miss you all.

6 thoughts on “Don’t you…forget about me…”

  1. /hugs. Also twisted hearts usually become twisted faces before too long. I’ve never met a total bitch who stayed beautiful forever. My Grandmama always believed you get what you give and experience suggests that in most cases Mother Nature won’t brook competition in the bitch stakes.

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