Sucker. Sweet OLRG. And Rejected Princesses.

S. Colbert, Black Prince
S. Colbert, Black Prince

There’s one born every minute, including the one who is credited for saying this. I saw that Black Prince buff, and being too overwhelmed to do anything about it, I did what every leet player does: I ignored it. But when I had a moment to read it, and saw Cymre wrote a post, too, thought I should take another look. By the way, did you know that Druids are the most passive/aggressive of all the classes? It’s true. Momokawa told me those pants didn’t make me look fat, even though I didn’t ask, and then she said “Shame about your guild issues and derping so that you’ll probably not get your wolf pony from Garrosh. Wish I could help, being your best healer and all, but alas, no cloak.” Damn, woman! Okay, okay! So let’s give it a shot. Everyone complains about the PvP portion, and I figured,

Gaze of the Obnoxious Buff of Keep Playing More
Gaze of the Obnoxious Buff of Keep Playing More

hey, if I can get through it on three other ladies, it won’t be that bad. It kind of was. But you know, the second Momokawa switched to heals from her owl feathers she rocked it. Keeping those hot-shots alive is actually more important FTW than being one of the hot-shots. So as it stands, she has until the 30th to get more Secrets (she’s currently at 7/20) and the trillium won’t be an issue with all the miners in the family.

No, Momokawa, that cricket cage doesn't make your hips look big.
No, Momokawa, that cricket cage doesn’t make your hips look big.

Oh, and about that PvP, I really am kind of proud of that. She lived through the entire Temple of Katoblahblahblah and almost through the Silver Thingie Place.

So OLRG, if ya’ll are around on Saturday I should be available, too. I’ll start seeing what’s what around 3pm Pacific Time — it’s the first day of summer in the Northern hemisphere, so I don’t blame anyone for taking advantage of the extra light. We need our Vitamin D you know.

Update: A must-read, kind of NSRW website:



3 thoughts on “Sucker. Sweet OLRG. And Rejected Princesses.”

  1. Oh geez, I can’t stop looking at that gif! Good luck with the rest of the sigils. I just have two left to go on the mage and my hunter is stuck in ToT for a while getting 11 more secrets. I still can’t belief how much they nerfed the Commander guy since he’s soloable now.

    1. He was not solo-able for my druid – fortunately I called upon a few heroes to come and save my tail feathers – lol! My question is it possible to get more Secrets from Flex, etc.? I’ll have to read the buff information further. Stupid reading and learning stuff.

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