Bear-ly there…OLRG, Human Males, Trucks, and ALL THE CUPCAKES

Walking a tight rope....
Walking a tight rope….invisible tasks…

I don’t know about the weather patterns where you live, but here in the western side of Washington state, we have a phenomenon known as “June Gloom.” Some even call this month “June-uary.” I will always wake up early in the morning, I believe, even if I dabble in ‘night owlery.’ But this perception is somewhat false: yes, it’s overcast this morning, but by afternoon the skies will clear, the sun will pour mild, sweet 75-80 degree rays on us (23C), and the dandelion weeds in my yard will exponentially triple in size and furor. They call to me, taunt me – “We DARE you to come out here! PULL US MORTAL!” But I am weakened by the allergen debuff, and well, there’s only that. And the laziness issue. That too. But I do enjoy projects, yes indeed I do, and if getting the yard not so trashy is one, I’ll get on it. Maybe. Years ago I planted butterfly bushes, having seen them at the Woodland Park Zoo, with, you guessed it, butterflies, and thought they would be cool. Butterfly bushes are basically weeds. Big weeds. Weeds that shower their fertile flowery goodness all over the place and rendered any attempt at gardening or landscaping futile. I have cut them down, trimmed, hacked, pruned, and suffered while showered with their flower “love seeds” destroy me. They won. A boon is they draw hummingbirds, which are the essence of delight. Who can say no to a hummingbird? And yes, there are butterflies, too. But I wouldn’t know about any of these because I haven’t really spent any time outside in a long time. I see the dandelion weeds from my window because well, it’s easy. They’re huge. But the hummingbirds are fleeting. I better get out there or I might miss them.

I’m trying to get back to what made Azeroth also so wonderful, so engaging, while still striking a balance of work and play. One aspect of play I cannot resist are new characters and specializations/classes. I have no plans or ambitions to tank anything at this juncture – I just like different characters. I am becoming the GRR Martin of Azeroth. (And yes, just as many get “deleted.”) So introducing Jujuoka, who shall be a Bear/Cat druid:

Her Royal Hot-Mess, Jujuoka
Her Royal Hot-Mess, Jujuoka

There are numerous resources for Guardian (aka Bear) tanking. I just like shuffling up to evil-doers and blackguards and swiping them. and

I have a feeling she’ll be more like this:

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 8.42.07 AM

I still have my Warlock project going, and met up with this very interesting fellow last night, Vitus Darkwalker:

Vitus Darkwalker rocking the optics...
Vitus Darkwalker rocking the optics…

Oh Gilneas, my beautiful, beautiful starting zone, why oh why doesn’t Blizzard do more with you? Now, I wonder if Master Darkwalker will get a make-over like the rest of the Azerothian human males? Hubba-hubba!

Well met!
Well met! (Thanks to Plaid Elf for telling me the news was out!)

One thing I am not loving about the WordPress format is Blogger has a blogroll feed that allows for easy clicking and reading, and WordPress does not. The blogroll is static. But maybe that’s just as well: I am overwhelmed but the sheer volume of media and connections I have allowed in my life. This links to that and pings this and updates that and blasts over there and yikes. A lot like butterfly bushes. The other day my adolescent nephew spammed Facebook stickers at me, and this morning just this second I got a ping from my friend who needs help cleaning out her work place – which involves me, my truck, and my younger son. Not what I had planned today. If I had silenced my phone I could have claimed blissful ignorance, but because I heard it I jumped up to see if it was my mom or other son, and….sh*t. When does the statute of limitations run out on people asking to borrow your truck? Never is the answer. So I was thinking about trying a screen-time detox of sorts. Anyway, she’s off to work with others who will respect and treat her like a valued college, something I am dreaming of, too. I’ve been in many situations where I’ve worked with great people, but my current situation is a bit toxic. I know it when I see it, both good and bad.

Speaking of good: OLRG – if you’re not doing anything this Saturday how about we go get that staff for Momo? Sure! Let’s! See you around 3-4’ish? And I haven’t forgotten newer content too, but am going to write that post another time. My friend Turkic just laughs at me when I say, “Do you think Xak will ever come back?” Running With Scissors is where I met most of the friends I still have to this day, and Xak and his fabulous brother Con are two of the funniest, smartest young men I know. Whether or not you go back to raid leading or not, Sir Smarty-pants Xak, is completely understandable, but it sure was fun and I learned so much.

All right – guess my friend needs me, my son, and my truck. Guess I’m a bear tank after all today.

4 thoughts on “Bear-ly there…OLRG, Human Males, Trucks, and ALL THE CUPCAKES”

  1. When I saw the new male models I thought of Catwynn.
    But, the thought of hummingbirds in your garden? Such a romantic and exciting notion! Probably commonplace for you but I find the idea of humminbirds enchanting.

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