The struggle is real…

Gnomes do not sit high enough in the barber's chair to see their new style....true story
Gnomes do not sit high enough in the barber’s chair to see their new style….true story

This is how it starts. First, I think I can handle it. I delude myself into thinking I can do all things for all people. And then I realize the futility of it all. How do I congratulate a dear player friend on her success, and still manage to laugh at myself and my foibles without offense? No veneer, no pretense, the fact the our amazing Cymre has her own NPC in Azeroth may be the highest honor a player can receive, and she, thank the gods, is very much alive, awesome, and generously giving us great advice and finds. I love Bubbles of Mischief, and think  Cymre is wonderful. I was sharing this news with CD Rogue on our afternoon constitutional, and we both remarked that this is an honor we would never realize. I told him of my dreams of being ‘sexy librarian’ in the game, a mage or warlock who snatches off her tortoise-shell glasses and undoes her auburn hair and she says, “Hush, this is a place of learning!” But alas, we both decided that if I had an NPC in Azeroth she would be “Molly McBallbuster” and her famous lines would be “I’ll crack yo’nuts!” and she kicks you in the …and you get a new emote of “owmyballs.” (This is CD Rogue’s creative genius, not mine.) So, I tried to make a Molly McBallbuster, but alas, the name was taken:

Molly McBallbuster
Molly McBallbuster

She hangs around in Coldridge Valley, nagging the blacksmith trainer night and day, but he loves her, and won’t do a thing to harm her.  She’s right, you know. Always right.

And now I see that my dear friend Tome isn’t happy with the beta – I am so out of it. Well, change, or threat of change, sucks. It really does. I’m going through this right now in real life. So many unknowns. But I’ve taken it into my head to take control of those things I think or believe I can. In Azeroth, I said what the hell and did something I have never be brave enough to do, and tried an open raid. You know what? It was wonderful. People were nice, helpful, and friendly. Go figure. And they don’t even know me.

And for those who do know me, and love me – you make my time in Azeroth wonderful, as always.

Always. No Molly McB for you, promise.

5 thoughts on “The struggle is real…”

  1. It’s kind of nice that I’ll be able to walk up to an NPC and say hi cause I know them. I think I remember a shared topic where we thought up who are in game NPC would be. I wanted to be Cat the Dog Lady, head of the Azerothian Dog Rescue. Alas, that will never be but I do at least now have a proper dog! Alterac Brew Pup FTW!

    1. I do remember! I wanted to hang out in Duskwood and be sexy librarian, but alas…

      Oh, and as far as typos, you know what you don’t do? Start circling ones your boss makes in a meeting on a document she typed (unbeknownst to you). Yeah. Not a great career move.

  2. Aww Matty, thank you those kind words. It’s true, I do like to share things with you all in some sort of useful morsel and that NPC idea is hilarious. Kudos to both of you.

    1. Well sure! Your advice is always well received – very fun, and congratulations again on your own NPC! Molly McBallbuster may be on the shelf for awhile – but perhaps Blizz will pick it up – lol! Just kidding!!

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