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Et tu, Tome? Oh no – it’s happening. Betas going out, folks posting about WoD, and I am having to avoid reading my favorite blogs because I don’t want to know anything. See anything. Think about anything. I am in blissful ignorance. Actually, I don’t blame Tome one bit. She is my sister of the Helm of the Fierce Bison clan, after all, and those bonds run deeper than garrison posts or Khadgar fashion. Way deeper. No one gets between me and my Tome.

Helm of the Fierce Bison
Helm of the Fierce Bison Sisterhood

But let me tell you something about ignorance: it is expensive. Take for example how many times I was taking items in and out of the void bank, paying high interest rates, when young leet druid told me that that had been fixed long ago, that you can just tab on a button while in the dressing room of mog and see all of your gear/fashion. /stupidme And there was something else that happened recently where I did something so stupid, simply because I wasn’t keeping up with WoW Insider news recently. I cannot keep up with it all, and monitor social feeds and other news. I just can’t. Yesterday I started my writing workshop at a location far, far away from home, and I thanked the gods that I had a place away, yet, when it was over and I was waiting for CD Rogue to pick me up, I found that I could play Hearthstone. Oh. No. No. No. No.

Let me confess right here and now what I love about Hearthstone the very most, and when I told Dahahka he said something about me truly being an evil nerd:

If only I had this in real life...
If only I had this in real life…


When I play a Warlock, and the other side places all their goodies on their table, buffed up, doubled up, exponentially awesome, and whether I am about to win or lose (cause you never know in Hearthstone: you could be at 1 health, and still rally), but it’s probably certain I am going to lose, I play this amazing card, and BOOOOOOOOOOM – but here is the nerd part: I will laugh maniacally out loud. Like a cute baby in a video. Like a witch with a freshly waxed broom. Like a crazy woman off her meds. (No one I know, that’s for sure.) It is the most cathartic, deeply satisfying moment in almost any game I’ve played.

I win! (Even if I lose.)
I win! (Even if I lose.)


16 thoughts on “Eight-ball”

  1. Man, if I’d had that card I’d probably still be playing Hearthstone.
    And don’t worry if you accidentally see one of my posts you can be assured there’s no real information, lol. I’m more the reporter of cute doggies and kitties and people with a big … staff.

    1. Big staffs to go with too much hair….down there?


      I’ve never cared one way or the other for spoilers, but there’s no denying that WOD is everywhere, all the time right now.

  2. Haha yes, that is one of my most favorite cards! And you can still read my blog, no beta for me! Except … I haven’t been posting much, so there’s not that much *to* read. >.>

  3. My favorite card to play right now is the Angry Chicken. It looks harmless, because how do you enrage something with one health? Pair it with an elven archer and a buffer and it becomes nasty. Even better is when you put it in the shaman deck and give it windfury….

    *maniacal giggling*

  4. I get that feeling when playing a paladin and I equality +consecrate, or Wild Pyro + Equality. So many different board wipes.

  5. OH dear, I suspected his might happen again although I did post my last ROYGBIV entry a couple of nights ago. I just can’t help myself. They aren’t so much story driven but more quality of life changes and new features. At the moment I’m trying to collate all the rares and unique events. Is that too ‘spoilery’? 😛

    At least we can chat on battle.net or here and I’m glad you have someone so close who can tell you these nifty improves in hearthstone and wow.

    1. Saw your pst in game: okay “improvements” – there – feel better silly elf! lol No your posts are none too spoiler-y, so have no fear – I’m just careful as time grows nigh!

  6. Ugh why are my comments getting eaten?
    Maybe it was the link stuff I was trying to include. I’ll try something different.
    I made you a gif! It’s from your babies vid, it’s what I imagine your opponent looks like leading up to and as you play your Twisting Nether and madly cackle. 😛


    Let’s see if that works.

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