Sweet Home Azuremyst…

Bluebonnets of Texas...
Bluebonnets of Texas…Azuremyst Hills…

Syrco Owl has a lovely idea – and a wonderful accompanying post asking what places in Azeroth remind us of home? That question is complicated for many of us since we have become such a nomadic group. Although, Washington State has a weird phenonenom: many people born here stay here. I struggle trying to place or fixate any single ‘home town’ with those whose lives enjoy stability and continuity, much like the tall cedars and pines. My eyes soak up many vistas.

Coastal Douglas Firs

The beautiful essence of Azeroth is it provides both that connective sense of familiarity and fantasy. What I fear is that we give too little attention to the natural world and lack balance of our pixel ones. Am I suggesting we abandon Azeroth? Not at all–I’m not suggesting anything. I love being in Azeroth, even though I must confess that since some real life humans did not make me feel welcome or felt the need to strike versus converse, there are more in the real world who do put out the welcome mat. I made a choice when I was vocal about my feelings, and paid a price. So be it.

So, the one thing I wish I could add to Azeroth would be smells. Really. Even for quests such as these. But no one could replace the smell of cedars and oak in central Texas (though some would disagree), and no one can replace the smell of ham, pinto beans, corn bread, and iced tea from my Grandmother’s house.

me and grandma


My grandmother’s memorial service is today, and I will be among the  Douglas firs while my family is among the cedars. I will be watching trees out of a window, listening to others complain of relatively low humidity and the “heat” of yesterday – 85°F (30°C) while in Texas it’s probably 93° today. I wish I could fly in a gryphon, a Wildhammer’s naturally, and fly away to where I am needed.

Dust of Snow


The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree
Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.



7 thoughts on “Sweet Home Azuremyst…”

  1. Matty, I am sorry for your loss, and sorrier still that circumstances prevent you from attending your grandmother’s memorial service.

    That is a lovely poem, and one I had not read before. Thank you for sharing it.

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