Quer ser sua amiga?


Gracias, Señor, once again for translating for me…

This is really at the heart of the issue. What issue? The issue of fragmentation of our digital lives. How in the hell did I start receiving notices in Spanish? This isn’t the first one, but certainly quite friendly. I am determined to snip off all loose ends today and tomorrow. My writing workshop isn’t going quite as I had hoped – my mentor and dear friend is distracted with her own personal concerns, and I did not manage my expectations. I believed it to be exactly like it was when I did it five years ago. Wait. It IS exactly like it was five years ago, almost moment by moment: it is an absolute copy-cat version of what I did then, except my mentor doesn’t know that because she wasn’t there five years ago, and there is no way to make something exciting fresh again. Now, if there could be a potion or elixir that would cause one to sense the first time of experiences again, would we drink it? Hmm. The first time you fell in love? The first time you were beautiful? The first time…well, never mind. In any case, I’m trying to rally.

I saw this advice today:











I deactivated the Mataoka Facebook account. She doesn’t need all that social drama anyway. My regular family/friends one is still active of course. (CD Rogue unfriended my sisters because he was trying to streamline his social networks, and …..whew…no.)

So, it was just that easy.

That may be one thing that is fatiguing in Azeroth — little control of a never-ending assignment. I need a deadline, people! An end point! When we sit down at the keyboard we don’t know when it’s done, do we? We just know when we’re done. But as always, I can wait for the expansion. There is still much to explore for me.


6 thoughts on “Quer ser sua amiga?”

    1. Well, not sure how much of a “real” writer I am, but I do love to write. Going to share that quote with others – it’s a good one!

    1. If next week goes like this first week did – feeling stubborn about my time though, so we shall see. You crack me up, by the way.

  1. That is a cool quote! Sigh my creativeness is in a lull. I should Jumpstart it… and my dear Matty busy lives does not mean your friends are far from your thoughts 🙂

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