Wings of Redundancy

purple wings

I feel like I’m cheating right now–it’s ‘sacred writing time’ in my workshop and I’m posting about Momokawa’s wings. What would my compatriots think of me if I shared this? Bemused confusion I suspect. Azeroth is a not-so-secret secret world, but I feel furtive. Hmmm. Anyway, yes, a fourth cloak. As was the second, and third, each become subsequently easier. Especially with the Black Prince buff last week or so, gathering the goopy goop he wanted just so he could snack on king’s hearts was relatively facile. Even the final challenge of healing Wrathion through his sad and painful confrontation¬†with the ghost of his father proved¬†simple – I didn’t have to look up any strategies for a druid healer. When the burning bubbles started to chase her, she simple took a deep breath and rooted them all in place and returned to tossing leaves on herself and the Prince. It didn’t hurt that her gear is wonderful and strong.

wings 2b

wings 2a

wings 3

wings 5

Now what are my plans for all of these cloaked wonders? Well, I noticed how easy it is to do open raid for normal, so I’m just going to hang out, add my name to list depending on whomever I feel like playing that day (it’s easy to get a spot as a healer) and see if I can get Garrosh on normal. I hesitate here at the keyboard because there are a lot of things I am not typing now. I am not typing how I still sting over the miscommunication, or misunderstandings of being on a raid team. Fortunately, my dear friend Neo might be around more, too, as his guild and group are very kind and inclusive. But I’ve said and explored these thoughts numerous times, and it’s time to move on.

The cloaks? I hope there are plans to keep them. What did I really do this for? They are beautiful. When I was a bride, I didn’t want the day to end — I felt like a princess, and it seemed heartbreaking to feel so beautiful and evanescent.


I want to say something about summer. I want to pin down the light.   I keep turning off the fluorescent lights in the room, but someone keeps insisting, passively, that they remain on. I want the green and rich pine light to filter in the framed windows. And I want to take flight on those wings.