OLRG: Quickie

I am touch-typing this and it feels awkward. Give me a qwerty keyboard any day of the week, but not this pointy pecking. I tried to share my Azerothian writing with the writing group yesterday and it did not go well. Remember that bemused confusion? Yup. I called it dude. Now it’s during ‘ sacred writing time’ again and I left my writing stuff at home. It was kind of a goofy morning. I forgot I poured in water in the coffee pot last night and refilled it. Water poured out of the back and flooded the counter and floor, narrowly missing the cereal boxes. Last night when Iplugged in my computer  to my monitor the monitor did that “I am broken now” thing which will result in a new, relatively cheap one when it’s payday and finding a suitable recycling disposal for the broken one. Not a big deal. Really. Not at all. I’m comfortable, fed, and relatively protected. The only inconvenience is I have to postpone yet another OLRG until I can get a monitor. The coffee pot and broken monitor have nothing to do with one another. I am full of non sequiturs and misdirected thinking. While rereading some of my past work I realized what a shitty writer I am. Even Mrs. Whitworth needs a big-time edit. Telling people you wrote a story about a pixelized cat in a make believe world does not have a lot of gravitas when compared to stories of brain tumors and death.

Here’s my writing prompt for you: if you could shoplift anything from one of he vendors in Azeroth what would it be? If you got caught, what would be a suitable punishment?

8 thoughts on “OLRG: Quickie”

  1. Oh no! And I was planning to stay awake this Saturday evening! Stupid little monitor of death.

    Oh man, I don’t know. I’m going to have to visit vendors now and see who has the best stuff. I’m thinking it might be some of those mounts at the Argent Tournament as I’ve made no headway acquiring them the legitimate way.

  2. Is it still in the realms of shoplifting (as opposed to, say, grand theft livestock) if you purloin a 100-thousand-gold yak?

    You’ve never been a shitty writer, not on this blog at least. Stories needing a bit of editing does not a shitty writer make. I admit that I didn’t like your early work very much when I first read it, but that was because I didn’t understand your voice, your style. I can’t imagine liking your work now without that peculiar mix of melancholy, wistfulness, nostalgia, mystery and fanciful intensity that is your trademark. One of the reasons I tend to avoid contemporary fiction is that the themes (in your example above, illness and death) are soooooo overdone and mundane in a real world setting, it just bores me (when I’m not cringing at the cliches). Your characters and settings allow you to explore familiar themes in a different way, and you should be proud of your ability to do so!

    1. As always, you put it just right. I was trying to figure out how to say trying to prove you’re writing “serious” work by writing about illness and death is so booooooooooring and there! You did it!

  3. Ah yes, we’ve all had mornings like that. A couple of months ago I accidentally tipped the ground coffee directly into my mug and not the plunger. Mmm that would have been lovely – not!

    I’d also like to shoplift a traveller yak as I haven’t had one since the last beta. So many things to buy.. well it might just be my last big purchase before WoD.

    People may not always understand our writing but that doesn’t mean it’s not meaningful or humorous to the rest of use that do. 🙂

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