RTMT*:Gentlemen’s Club








We try to play nice…really…

I’m getting there, I really am. But just where “there” is I’m not too sure. It seems I get too distracted by all the other ‘tourist attractions’ along the way. One thing I have realized that without a certain amount of righteous indignation I run out of gas. In other words, I feed on mild irritation. It’s a terrible mind habit, and one I am working on ending. Just not give a damn anymore, Scarlet, you know? But something kept kind of nagging me, it hit me the other day when I was hanging with the OLRG–it really is kind of bullshit when they said WoD was an ‘old boys’ trip. You know – it really was. I’m just fatigued, my friends. Tired of paying the bills, tired of making the economy grow and paying taxes, and then come to find out that my money that goes in the pockets of so many [male] game designers doesn’t seem to count in the coffers. It must not, because this trip was designed to be an old boys trip, and I am not an old boy. Why is this pissing me off now, something that’s over a year old? Old news? Because it needs to be old news, like 1800s old. Like 800s old. Not 2013-+ old. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to tell young women and men you can spend time in both a real and virtual world feeling empowered, sexy, funny, and skilled? Are some men, such a small minority I believe, still so threatened? Why would anyone potentially alienate half of their customer base? I need some back-peddling on this one, fellows.

And – remember Bitchy Resting Face? Do we now have its counterpart, Asshole Face?

Get that elekk out of your shorts!


*Yes, it’s Monday night. I’m getting my hair done tomorrow so maybe that’ll help this funk.


6 thoughts on “RTMT*:Gentlemen’s Club”

  1. It does need to be way old news. History old would be nice rather than a few months.
    And I think I’m with you on the feeding on mild irritation thing. Especially lately: when dealing with depression angry feels better than what’s left when you’re not. And maybe with some things, like this topic, we need to keep getting angry about it until somebody fixes it. Squeaky wheels and all that.

  2. Ugh that gif illustrates why I despise AFL so much. And rugby. End-of-season trips that almost always end up with someone being arrested for assault…that is what I consistently envision when I hear “boy’s trip”.

    1. They’re really struggling, aren’t they? Trying so hard to be sportsmanlike. However, this behavior certainly isn’t one nation’s problem, oh no no no. Maybe someday those who are leaders will curb their baloney.

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