Killer Pink (and some serious stuff) – revisited

Tank Hammered
Tank Hammered

Think I forgot to mention, so yeah, Luperci doesn’t have any more excuses for not doing current LFRs/Flexes anymore. Nope. Last week (how could this slip my mind?) I decided to use the power of the Kraken Rum and go try a few LFRs. Now maybe the group thought I was more like this:

barbie armor


But no one threatened to kick me from the group, and all in all went pretty well. I am feeling extremely unfeathered un-tethered at the moment. So that hair cut I mentioned? Didn’t quite go as planned. And if your friends with me on Facebook you saw it, but you did not see the way it’s dyed. And you need to know I know have a headache from trying to defend myself when drawn into a political debate — I didn’t start a political debate, just forgot the first three rules of conversation: don’t bring up religion, politics, or sex. Well too late dorks. I put out a simple question about did anyone know how to help the thousands of children coming over the border without their parents? I am heartsick over this, and that no one seems to be as alarmed as I am. See? I am a paladin at heart some days, and it really does hurt. I try to be a pink paladin, sweetness and diplomacy, but sometimes every problem does look  like a nail and all I have is this hammer. But I did find some good resources, both faith based and otherwise. Their parents must be so heartbroken. No one sends their children into the wilderness unless they are desperate. No one.

So your quest, good heroes of Azeroth: do one good thing today for the real planet, whatever is happening in your corner. Just one good thing. And if you need a tank when you’re not saving the real world, but saving the virtual one, give me a shout.

Here is Jen’s link:


10 thoughts on “Killer Pink (and some serious stuff) – revisited”

  1. Kind of off topic for this post, but I wanted you to see this somewhere more permanent than a /whisper — I am continually awed and amazed by your dedication in running so many characters through the Timeless Isle, Throne of Thunder, and Siege of Orgrimmar. I see you working on one character after another and think that I certainly don’t have the focus, energy, and especially patience for that! You are a rock star altaholic!

    1. I cheat. A lot. I know those portions of the game so well I can almost close my eyes and face roll. I have been thinking a lot about these alts: thank you for the compliment and as much as I would like to think I might be an alt rock star, I think I am just simply crazy! lol

    2. Agreed! I’m also in awe of your dedication in researching and putting together transmog after transmog for so many characters, Kam. If you two ever combined forces….

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