OLRG: Can’t Touch This

Must be a retired warlock...
Must be a retired warlock…

Um. Does this mean when I am an octogenarian I’ll be able to do this? Is this some amazing sorcery that engenders us in our dotage to perform amazing feats? Doubtful. I think the last time I pulled this maneuver was when I was four. And then it was probably an accident.

Just curious–have you all sensed that I am not “here” anymore? Have your spidey-Matty-senses been tingling, and have you detected that my dedication, nay obsession, with writing this blog grows tarnished and unattended? You would be Empath of the Year if this is so. I am –something. Can’t put my finger on it. My introvert side is thrilled and maniacally gleeful about summer, but my extroverted self is busy causing problems on Facebook and stirring the pot. I sincerely didn’t mean to, but when one has a talent for pot-stirring, and the big personality spoon just can’t stop. I decided to have “Facebook Free Fridays” from now on. I want to post that on Facebook to tell my friends and family they’ll have a break from me. I don’t know what it is, this compulsion of mine to call people out on their shenanigans. CD Rogue told me about the Nerdist, and their efforts to start Payday Friday: kind of like a pay it forward, pay a compliment kind of thing. I can do that! I’m FULL OF THAT! But I looked under varying hashtags and couldn’t figure out what to write. /sigh Just when I thought I controlled all things media. I mean, this week I got my printer scanner to work, practiced making Vines, wrote some new blogs, and got a sassy new ‘do. By the way, the Vines were made while I was under the big dryer at the salon. So you aren’t going to see them. Don’t ask.

But I have also played so many hours of Hearthstone that I’m feeling like:

You got your mass dispel on my Ragnaros! YOU BASTARD!

Seriously, I am calling myself on my own shenanigans:

1. I will never, ever make fun of anyone who plays Candy Crush.

2. I will keep off of Facebook on Fridays.

3. I will not play Hearthstone [sic] in certain locations anymore. No, not the potty! Gross! I’m not that much of an addict! ……

So, let me think. Old Ladies, if you’re up for it, it will only take a few of us to get that staff, and then you’ll have the rest of a summer Saturday free. I do want to do more current or challenging content, but am feeling very hammock-brain right now. I just made that up. Pretty awesome metaphor, don’t you think?

My brain is this bear.
My brain is this bear.


So, see you all tomorrow around 3-ish my time? I want to grill out some stuff tomorrow night, not only because I am THE GRILLMASTER OF THE MATTYSHACK, but because if I don’t do something that is a normal part of summer, and then comes along October, I’m going to be really depressed. This summer feels…not normal. Cubs are gone or busy, CD Rogue is happy, and all my projects sit stagnant because something is very wrong with the truck right now, and it’s still a ways to payday. I don’t dare drive it too far. Sure it’s something small like you know, the engine. And this is going to sound really weird, but I had some trees in the backyard, and we had to cut them down, and I am really missing them. Like – getting teary thinking about them. Everything feels very over-exposed and hurtfully bright out there in the real world. When CD Rogue gets home we’ve been taking a walk in the crepuscular glory that is a summer night in the Northwest. I told him I feel like a loyal dog waiting for my nightly walk. (No, I don’t ‘go’ outside! And I don’t need a leash.)

But I really miss those trees. Wish they would grow back.

So–grab a cold beverage, and come help Momo get her staff. And if there’s something you want to do, let me know. Oh, and Tome, I got Vent working.