End of the World Mogging Contest

Haanta: 'bearly' there
Haanta: ‘bearly’ there

You ask, “Matty, what is the inspiration for this contest?”  So many places – where to start? The anticipation levels for WoD are reaching fever pitch. Even in OLRG I was reminded that one woman’s definition of spoiler may not be mine. When I say ‘spoiler’ I mean NOTHING – I don’t even watch movie trailers sometimes because I want it to be a fresh experience. Perhaps, though, I am too constricted in my thinking. Just because I didn’t get a Beta Invite doesn’t mean I have to be all crabby about it. NooOOOoooooo. Look, I went to last year’s Blizzcon and got to take a peak behind the curtains, and WoD is going to be awesome. I get that. But meanwhile, Rome is burning, baby, and it’s time to start fiddling! The real world is in some serious trouble, people. And when even Mt. Fuji is about to blow up her skirt, what else can Azerothians do but a Mogging Contest? So, while we’re waiting for the rivers to rise and the plastic in the oceans to just all disappear, let’s mog!

The Rules:

1. Outfit must be suitable to end-of-the-world survival. Justify every piece of gear on this scale:

Survivability: can this character survive – now be creative in this. A warlock dressed as a priest? Sure. A rogue tricking others? Sounds fine.

Flexibility: must be able to go from land to sea with no muss, no fuss

Recycled – no new or latest gear; can mix and match mail with cloth, etc.

In other words, a brief explanation on why you chose each piece of gear.

2. Have pet, will travel: you must choose one of your pets (in addition to a hunter, mage, warlock, etc. normal pet) as your traveling companion a la Will Smith I Am Legend style. Give a brief explanation on why this is your pet of choice, and how you two plan on surviving the upcoming apocalypse.

3. Format: Screenshot (Mogit is fine) and small text explaining the above. A secret judge will make the final decision. Send this to me at mataoka.of.exodar@gmail.com by July 31. Decision will be made by August 9. 

First place: $25 gift card for Blizzard

Second place: $15 gift card

Third place: I don’t know. Whatever I have lying around. You might get nothing and like it.


If you have any questions, post them here or send me an e-mail. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll answer them. For those of you concrete-sequential types this may be frustrating, because my vague and open-ended (lack of) explanations drive folks nuts. It’s the end of the world, after all, and many rules don’t apply.




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