You BETA Believe It! (Somewhat Soggy Spoilers)

Something's Missing
Something’s Missing

Puns somehow soothe my passive-aggressive side. Not sure why. A sweet little bird took pity on my beta-less soul and helped me out. Turns out CD Rogue has had the Beta all along, but told me he never, ever plays betas for some pretty solid reasons: primarily it can only end in tears. Things you like will not make the final cut, and things you don’t will. I know I made such a stink about not playing the Beta; I make big stinks about a lot of things. I get my panties in a knot and put hissy fits on full throttle. Not to mention mixing metaphors. But – please Blizzard, please — I won’t mess with Garrisons yet, and I won’t do anything else. I might ride around on Invincible because like a garage parking attendant, you gave me the keys and while you’re having dinner at your fancy restaurant I’m just going to take it around the block a few times, okay? You’ll never know. Won’t get a scratch on it.

But here’s what my vain self did focus on– outward appearances. All surface, no substance. So here is my quick snap judgment on some of my favorite ladies:

The Night Elf female hands are larger, the ears more rubbery, and feathery unibrow in need of a waxing more than ever before:

Hands the size of thighs.
Hands the size of thighs.

Bitchy resting face in full swing:

Smile, Matty, it's not so bad!
Smile, Matty, it’s not so bad!

Kellda forgot her meds:

Better get that thyroid checked out...
Better get that thyroid checked out…

Please tell me my warlock has not turned into Patricia Heaton (who is batshit crazy):

Crazy...just a little bit
Everybody Loves Crazy














And Hair, Now!

See hair!
See hair! (Uh oh)











And in all seriousness, this Dwarf shaman is beautiful:

Those hazel eyes....ahhhh
Those hazel eyes….ahhhh

But my poor little warlock has a bad case of  Scythenititis:

Um...anyone call a doctor?
Um…anyone call a doctor?

I’m sure there are many more surprises in store. I know you’re all thinking I’m a big fat hypocrite right now, and I am. Let me go find a pipe wrench to get these panties untwisted, and I’ll go gaze upon my pretty Draenei faces a bit longer.

11 thoughts on “You BETA Believe It! (Somewhat Soggy Spoilers)”

    1. I saw it, and I think my comment back was so clever, so very, very clever, I think you need to post it. What can we do? Only laugh now. And drink. Yes, that’s it!

  1. That new Dwarf female model is simply gorgeous! The others, however, are making me increasingly apprehensive about how I’ll feel about the new Tauren female model. That one will make or break whether I choose to use the new models or take advantage of the promised toggle to continue to use the old models (will that be on a character-by-character basis, or account-wide, I wonder?).

    1. The more I look at the Draenei she is delicately pretty, but that’s not Mataoka. And it certainly isn’t Ceniza. I just want that Mona Lisa smile back. I know they can’t please everyone but in this case that’s a crock – customer/character choice is going to be critical. Fingers crossed.

  2. I’ve had some months where I haven’t read blogs or played the game, so I didn’t realize that you had moved until now! I hope they give me back my “happy face” or I’ll have to go with old models.

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