OLRG: Aces Up Our Sleeves

Up in smoke...
Up in smoke…Ordos, is that you?

Old Ladies Raiding Guild: time to put up or shut up. Tome – it doesn’t matter if you don’t play Hearthstone. It’s as addictive as nicotine and twice as dangerous. Like my dad says, nothing good happens after midnight, and no good can come of playing this stupid, stupid game. But I will say one thing you’ve got going on baby girl is a way to go to the end of the world in style! I knew I forgot to post a rule on the contest, and that is to not post anything on a blog beforehand. This does not disqualify anyone who has though. Our psychic friendship and bond of the HOTFB includes me waking up and the first thing I think about is – “Gee, I wonder if I should write another post about the contest?” and booyah! There it is! You rock, Tome. I also thought how obnoxious it is for me to give people little contests which I’m sure by now feel more like chores than fun. Like I asked everyone, “Hey, let’s go to the carnival!” while they’re barfing up cotton candy in the parking lot trashcans.

So–sorry for this OLRG post being late, too. Again, if ya’ll are around I’d love to go hang out. I’ll stop playing Hearthstone long enough to focus on what matters -my friends. Because it certainly isn’t anything else around here!  (Glances over at cobwebs and breadcrumbs…)

How do they do that?
How do they do that?

Quick Report:

Yesterday (Friday) I had a great day of just exploring: Mataoka flew all over Pandaria and finished up Glorious! She had to kill poor Ai-Li a few thousand times before she relinquished the Sky Mirror. Mataoka’s bags are full. Really full. I was wondering how did players end up looking like giant rabbits and dinosaurs, and I am still not sure. I will say one good idea is to drink Potion of Illusion and use the Sky Mirror. I want to pick up a piece of jewelry, too, from a goblin named Tex. What could go wrong?

And instead of buying another cloak for Zeptepi, I decided a Fox Kit was in order. Damn, those things are cute!! Well what else is there to do when it’s a long ways to payday, and days are lazy and long but to treat oneself to a dancing fox kit? Oh, go and pick up a green porcupine, naturally! Except Haanta couldn’t do it alone. A friend from her former guild came to her rescue and Hutia was hers!

Hutia: Instant Camo
Hutia: Instant Camo
/dies of cuteness
/dies of cuteness

Let’s see, let’s see, what else? It’s a new moon this weekend and folks at the Matty-shack will be doing some astronomy, which is a GOOD THING because CD Rogue has been having continuing medical issues and neither of us are getting a lot of good sleep lately. So, while star gazing happens I plan on sleeping. It seems to work better if I leave my Hearthstone game far, far away. The thing is, there are still many things to do in Azeroth before the world ends. Again. And we have to save it. Again.

If there is ANYTHING you want to do to help you get something done or obtained please let me know –I’m at your service!

Oh and see, it’s not just women who suffer from BRF, but rock stars too:

Jack White's Face
Jack White’s Face





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