Unexpected beauty…

wishes available
wishes available

feather in july blue feather orange

Remember the dead mole I found on our walk? Well, yeah. We’ve established I’m weird, but we’ve also established a modicum of creativity. For months, whenever I find one, I take pix of feathers. CD Rogue, while I snapped another feather shot he said my found objects scavenger hunt (life is one big scavenger hunt) remind him of his favorite photographer, Irving Penn. I promised I would look him up as soon as we got home and



Azeroth is beautiful, of this we know.

And when I say “but” please do not think I am negating that Azeroth is indeed, beautiful. This is an additive statement, not a replacement one.

When I look up Irving Penn, I found what Mataoka would look like in my mind’s eye:

Naja Auermann by Irving Penn
Naja Auermann by Irving Penn

and then I saw his nudes (you’ll have to look them up yourself)


and then I found his flower photographs:


Irving Penn’s work is beyond words I have. Words I know. As art should be. If you want to believe again, want to refresh your eyes –please peruse through his work.

So Blizzard artists can take their inspiration from whatever sources they wish, but in my mind’s eye, Mataoka will always and forever be, who she is.