6 thoughts on “Chicken.”

  1. I am actually fairly relieved about this, though I am starting to wonder now if they have entirely forgotten that there are MALE night elves too. They’re the last of the Alliance that haven’t seen an update. Still hopefully this means they’ll be taking more time to fix the models they do have ‘done’..

    1. Now is the time to make your wish list – what would you change if you could? Those Blood Elf males look pretty damn good…I would change the females to not look so damn bored all the time. Maybe they’re just having low blood sugars….

  2. I think that Blizzard has seen all the negative feedback on the beta and normal forums and are smart enough to realize they can’t afford to screw up one of the big sells for Warlords.

  3. I’m was so happy to read this. Not that I want Blood Elves left out but they look pretty good right now so hopefully they don’t mind waiting while the rest of us get a little surgery.

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