OLRG: Punch Drunk Dragons Edition


granny with monkey

There are no monkeys. This is false advertising.¬†I shouldn’t promise¬†primates. As far as I know, though Azeroth holds many primates, Firelands, Ice Crown, and a few other spots are sorely sans simians. What do monkeys have to do with this? Nothing. I just like that image of Granny.

Personally, I still need two things from ICC 10 man, and it’d be cool to do some Dragon Soul heroics, and maybe even…dare I say…whatever else comes to mind. If Firelands is quick, we can try there, too. It is still beautiful summer time here in North America, so I fully expect most folks to be soaking up the last rays; however, if you’re around, let’s go punch some dragons!

punch dragon


I have’t forgotten about the Survive Contest – results soon! Oh, and the player who submitted this has been summarily disqualified:

You couldn't survive a mosquito bite in that outfit.
You couldn’t survive a mosquito bite in that outfit.

See you soon!