OLRG: Cootie Shots!


Well, once again the Old Ladies kicked ass, although it wasn’t the old ladies per se, but the young lady, Tyledres from Frost & Claws helped us out with the very last achievement. We were doing it right, and had the right idea, and with her insight and mine, we figured it out easily. It was truly teamwork. Oh, necrotic plague — you are indeed Arthas’ cooties.

Plaid Elf from Plenty of Paladins, Helke, Luperci, (yours truly), Tome, and Tyledres
Plaid Elf from Plenty of Paladins, Helke, Luperci, (yours truly), Tome, and Tyledres

So, PlaidElf, Tyledres, Helke, me as Luperci, and Tome went in, and hurt some icy ghouls and mean dragons. If there is anything else anyone needs in the 10-man version, please let me know.  It felt good to get this out of the way, and complete my salt-and-pepper shaker set of icy dragons:

blood icy ponies

Mataoka has been busy cleaning up old reputations, and stands at 57/60 for her Beloved title:offensive

I am trying to keep a big scope perspective on the November 13th date: there will be much, much to do, and my tendency is to neglect my real life over my fantasy one, but I simply cannot sustain this. I am bracing myself, humming a mantra repeatedly, “Do not worry. Do not stress. Real life over Azeroth. Repeat.” Erinys at Harpy’s Nest made a comprehensive to-do list I may emulate. I needs me ponies!


Luperci got a new pretty ax with a little face on it:

Frost Giant Clever
Frost Giant Clever

…and as usual, fun was had by all. It’s cool because we Old Ladies have different styles, but somehow they meld together well. For example, Helke shared one of her favorite shoe designers:

Damn, girl...don't drop your ice cream cone on these...
Damn, girl…don’t drop your ice cream cone on these…

And I walk a mile in these:

All the better to sneak up on you, my dear...
All the better to sneak up on you, my dear…

Onward, Old Ladies! Remember anyone can join us at anytime – drop in for an achievement or two or ask if you need help finishing up something. No one needs to panic. We have cootie shots and stylish shoes.

Postscript: I met my dear friend for breakfast and pedicures yesterday morning, and she strongly urged me to read the current book for our next book club meeting. Considering I hadn’t read the last three, I decided I would do my homework so I wouldn’t be kicked from Book Club: