Dear Matty: Tune-Up Time

Trouble under the hood?
Trouble under the hood? What polymer undercoating is keeping…never mind.

Dear Matty:

I am so very fortunate to be in a raid group comprised of amazing players and players found through Open Raid – it’s been a regular thing, and many of us still need heirlooms and of course, the Ahead of the Curve wolf pony. Unfortunately, my ranged character, who normally does an amazing job when flying solo, gets so bogged down in a 25-man, and does shamefully. I would say that I was distracted by the Eastern-block accent player who sounded like he was eating his microphone and crackers at the same time, he was so difficult to understand. But I can’t be shaken so easily that I reach to turn down his mic every time he comes on Vent that I miss the Desecrated Weapon or the Wolf Rider takes my cookies, can I? I think I just get so nervous when something is important to everyone that I choke. I can hear it subtly in the leaders’ voices (including Mr. Moscow Muncher) that they are frustrated that some of us less experienced players are not pulling the damage we need to, not moving fast enough, and making stupid errors. I don’t want to be “that guy,” so what should I do?


Damaged Driveshaft Deeps…

Dear DDD:

Oh, I completely understand. The other evening I brought in my warlock who’s got the gear, the tier, and the ‘tude, and all “she” brought was…nada. I reviewed one small fight, and she was way down the list:

Not acceptable.
Not acceptable.

Here is one clear truth I’ve learned ‘academically’ over the years of playing: you need to at least understand the mechanics–whether or not you ignore them, can ignore them, or not, is very much affected by the group dynamics, gear, and other attributable factors. But it’s been said so many times: know your class. Know the fights. I heard this story yesterday about a teenage boy from another country who came to buy a car–he was trading in his year-old BMW (full of trash) for a Shelby GT500. (His father was buying it for him.) He traded in his luxury car for this super fast muscle car, and he asked if he could drive it around the parking lot for awhile. You know why? It had a manual transmission, and he didn’t know how to drive it. I feel that way about Kellda sometimes: very powerful, but I don’t know how to fill up the gas tank.

Remember there is a wealth of information out there, and much of it is entertaining and engaging. I love when I’m in my car running errands and the Tappet Brothers on Car Talk. I heard they’re retiring this fall, and I’m going to really miss them. They are car geniuses, and I don’t use that word lightly. When I read Navimie might do live streaming to help out her guilds, I thought what a great idea!

But know too, there is nothing that replaces consistency and practice. And consistent practice. Just get in there, have fun, and do your best. Even the superstars lose sometime.

And a while back I told people to take this gamer quiz — it’s not the one that’s been going around. It really tells use who we are as PEOPLE – and it’s damn accurate.

That is why I think we friends in the OLRG get along so well — we have the right mix of personalities to make it work. The Socializer (me), Explorer, Achiever, and Killer/Conqueror. We all have something positive to contribute, and it takes the mix to make it run well. When you get a chance, post your results – I’d love to know!

PS: There are many players who also “cheese” the meters. Before you get discouraged, look at their targets: if they are only on boss when they should be on adds, etc. they’re cheating cheeser-eaters.


2 thoughts on “Dear Matty: Tune-Up Time”

  1. Oh no! They’re retiring! I’ll have to remember to listen every weekend then. If I remember correctly I was a Explorer … um … killer. I completely blame the Warlock’s influence for the killer part.

  2. It’s actually very good to be the killer: if you want something done and understand the potential pitfalls you call in the killer/conqueror. See? Warlocks are good.

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