Character assassination…

This is a great topic: What do your characters think about you? Um, well, yes, not sure I want to wake them up and ask them.

Often I have argued that no matter how distanced one is from their digital doppelgänger(s), if one is involved with ‘RP’ in its acronym, there is a connection. It’s inescapable. Our characters do things, think things, and accomplish things we can only imagine–therefore we do. Imagine, that is. So let’s see, ladies: what do you think of the human behind the keyboard?

mataokaMataoka: I should have been your ‘main’ all along, K. Don’t you think? Well maybe not. But I have never let you down, not once. You think of me as an afterthought now, and sometimes, I confess, I feel taken for granted. I’ve always been kind and loyal, and quite fierce and protective. When you lose your way, you find your way home to me, so like wandering spirit wolves, I trust you. Don’t let Blizzard artists change my beautiful soul, please. If you need me I’ll be in Azuremyst.

zepZeptepi: You will never completely understand me, and I forgive you. Go in peace, K.


Go now.


CenizaCeniza: K: you keep trying to control me as if I am merely your puppet, yet you are naive, dear lady. Mages go where they will, and do what they wish. You would be better if you tried to measure butterfly wing speed. You are dismissed.

haantaHaanta: Since you’re not a bear or wolf, I tolerate you.





momokawaMomokawa: Ah, the moon and stars! I’ll heal your wounded soul, dear human! You do need a lot of healing, don’t you? Oh my…think my mana is running low. Did you remember to make a macro for innervate? No? Is it on your to-do list? Sweet human, these leaves don’t grow on trees you know. Well, they do, but you know what I mean. Thank Starre for the beautiful mantle, by the way, next time you see her? Please don’t forget, human.

kelldaKellda: My minions bring all the mobs to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better than yours, Damn right, I’m better than you, I could teach you but I’d have to charge…



Luperci: Did you say something?



6 thoughts on “Character assassination…”

  1. You did make this post! And it has definitely inspired me to see about a similar one of my own. lol. Should be interesting. Sometimes I wonder how these characters put up with us.

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