OLRG: Winners!

We’re all winners!

So OLRG: I have a plan. Not sure what it is, but I have a plan. Firelands, ICC, Dragon Soul. Yup. Ponies. Oh and Throne of Four…till tomorrow!

Tycertank created a September WoWScreenShotADay September series for us, and sure – why not? I’m in! I’ve inserted her badge on this blog, (who doesn’t love badges? We need stink in’ badges!) and I’ll do my best to keep up. Fortunately there are a few more days before September 1, so I’ll try to get ahead of the curve.


In other news, well, I don’t really have any other news. I have enjoyed going with Hawtpocket, and Breige (who’s become Hawt’s ipso facto majordomo of sorts as Loot Master and inviter of friends. Now I realize there is somewhat a negative connotation with the term ‘majordomo’ because of you know, that whole “Executus”  thing, zazubut don’t think about him, think about Zazu. He did a pretty good job, didn’t he? Except for that unfortunate stampede…okay never mind. Breige is NOT a majordomo. But she is a pretty good loot master. It’s been a blast having PlaidElf on her NightElf male and our friend Helke too – both solid players and Azeroth is always better with friends. I’ve switched from Momokawa, to Kellda, and then now Mataoka. There is another enhancement shaman in the group, with better gear, but is usually one of the top performers. I tell myself just give it time, and then once in awhile I see a success. I did pretty well on Siegecraft (in fact was top damage), but to be fair that’s one fight that for melee is pretty awesome, one of the few. I got a new (and much needed) ring on a bonus roll, and I’ll keep honing her blade skills. Young leet druid has been making mountains of gold taking people through arenas on his enhancement shaman (an orc in the family! NOOOOoooooOOOOO) and said he’d take a look. I’m holding him to it. Mataoka may struggle, but she sure is pretty:

Cause that is what matters...
Cause that is what matters…
Fee like I'm being watched...
Feel like I’m being watched…

So till tomorrow – can’t believe the weekend is here already!




2 thoughts on “OLRG: Winners!”

  1. Hooray for Old Ladies. I’ll be there with bells on… barring unforeseen real life stuff.
    And I have been having SO much fun going along with you guys too. I can’t thank you enough for the invite. 🙂 Makes me very glad that I kept Tyl’s gear up decently enough that he could go. Your dps was making me a little jealous on some of those fights. And I’d meant to whisper you about that mog because it does look great. Those draenei ladies know how to wear mail.

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