Things that don’t matter…

…but they do.

There are things in Azeroth that have no other value than simply being a point of pride for me. Things that will be swept out to sea once the Orcs arrive. My most monumental challenge or ‘stupid goal’ is to get Drunken Fish to level 25 before Warlords comes out. (Did you ever hear of S.M.A.R.T. goals? Well I have S.T.U.P.I.D. goals: Slow, Tedious, Unimportant, Petulant, Insipid, and Dumb.) Fortunately, Breige came to my rescue (trust me, Señor does not care: he is smart), and brought along some of her friends from her other server. Misty created a human paladin, and has, for weeks, been leveling this faithful, consistent paladin from Level 1 to…crud, what level is she now? Eighty-five? More? And her mate, who has gone from Level 1 to well into the Level 30s. They were on when the guild hit Level 24 last night. I can’t think of enough ways to thank them–love doesn’t seem like enough. Know where I was? Drinking tequila and watching Neighbors. Some help I am.

Hammer that nail! Lift that 2x4!
Hammer that nail! Lift that 2×4!

So — my very creative Azerothian friends — what ways would you celebrate and show gratitude to virtual strangers who do kind things? I feel like I’ve fallen in with a group of Amish farmers who helped me raise my barn, even though I am a heathen. Elune be praised!

I am also interested in things in Azeroth that are important to you, but don’t really help your game play, or your future in WoD.

PS My Dragon’s Blood is on its way. I think they had to go out and kill real dragons.

PPS: All this? Señor, all the way:

Mr. Killy McKiller Kill
Mr. Killy McKiller Kill

7 thoughts on “Things that don’t matter…”

      1. You will manage it! Level 24 is not far off. I should log on and get Gilbraith a few levels to help some too. 🙂
        And it’s silly and maybe it doesn’t matter, but I felt the same way about getting Tai’s guild to 25 before levels went away too, so I’m with you!

  1. Well someone has to do the drinking in Drunken Fish. Some GMs would just delegate…

    I only care about individual character stories now in Azeroth. I’m happy to cherry-pick parts from the greater narrative to support and build my own (shared) world, without the distraction of actually having to play/work. The longer I am forced to do without (I literally cannot install WoW again because it is bigger than my monthly download limit) the more I am convinced that what I will cherish about my time in the game is the shared story I have with certain people/characters.

    1. Likewise, sir. Do I remember my damage scores or upgrades? Nope. I remember stories, both real and created narratives.And I’m more than happy to have a whisky or tequila and make sure the DF maintain its rep for all of us!

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